Eight of Cups – Ditch the Mundane! (Monday)

Today you are searching for deeper meaning. The Eight of Cups shows that you are no longer content to dwell on the surface of things and shiny, superficial stuff holds no temptation for you anymore.

You may have an urge to leave something behind, reject an offer, or go off in search of a new adventure.

As you adjust to this new side of yourself, understand that you have raised your standards considerably! What may have satisfied you before now bores you to tears.

Mundane chit chat holds no interest for you – so instigate those deep conversations and don’t be afraid to be controversial. If having a safe, stable job once felt just right for you, be prepared for it to feel all wrong. This is good! You are evolving and as you take risks and let go of the old way of thinking, your life will feel richer and more alive than ever before!

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8 Responses to Eight of Cups – Ditch the Mundane! (Monday)

  1. Marcie says:

    I actually pulled this card yesterday. As I am in my last semester of Graduate school, change is coming. A lot of things I concerned myself with don’t matter anymore. It’s o.k. to turn my back, walk away and trust I am on the right path and there is more out there for me. Thanks for another insightful reading!

  2. Ellen says:

    I was just writing in my journal about experiencing abundance through “Not wanting”, because “wanting” makes me feel like I don’t have enough. ( more decks 🙂 ) I have noticed that by watching Youtube and reading blogs, my desire for more stuff (decks) is growing stronger. So I am trying to leave that feeling behind while I still can enjoy internet

    • Kate says:

      I feel your frustration in this one, Ellen. I have the same issue – I keep buying books and decks and honestly it is cluttering up my living space. I find that asking myself “do I really need this?” can often put things in perspective.

  3. Lady L says:

    This is so true for me right now!! And I am about to go on an adventure as I write 😉

  4. Tameko says:

    lovely reading. spot on.

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