Body over Mind ~ The Two of Pentacles

two of pentacles tarot card
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Today’s card the Two of Pentacles is all about following your heart, treading carefully and balancing your life.

You may find yourself juggling more than one responsibility today and it can be tempting to jump into your head and try to figure things out and organize yourself. But don’t do that!

Instead, let your heart and intuition guide you so you can remain in the zone throughout the day. Don’t think about your next step – feel it and then just do it. Be in your body, not your head. Do whatever it takes to get there – get a massage, do some yoga, eat a good meal or do some meditation.

Are you balancing two important things at once? Do you feel more of a need to ground and center yourself? Feel free to share in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Body over Mind ~ The Two of Pentacles”


    Right on the money! Thanks for the on-point reading. I have been thinking too hard about certain projects I have to do that really needed some soul-searching or heart examination (intuition) more than anything! Having done that, I have been successful in getting my priorities in order and am glad I handled it the way the cards were showing you/me. Blessings/Peace. Maurice.

  2. This is a beautiful Two of Pents, Kate. One of my favorite I’ve seen.

    I came by earlier and took a quick gander, but didn’t leave a note. Now, I want to tell you this was wonderful advice for my day. In particular, I had two big projects–both engaging and very creative–that I had to juggle today.

    Both got some good attention, one more than the other, but tomorrow, thank heaven, is another day!

    (LOVE your tree painting! Thanks for posting it!!)

    1. Thanks Jamie – glad you liked my painting! Yes, this is an interesting Two of Pents – kind of different from other versions I have seen. Thanks for letting me know that it resonated with you for today 🙂

  3. I absolutely love this my card of the day is 9 of fire and allow love do you think that, that relates to this card ??

    1. Yes, Alex, I do. 9 of wands (or fire) is all about having boundaries that are perhaps a bit too strong – so to allow love, you may need to let down your guard a bit – all of this relates to following your heart and getting out of the head.

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