Are Tarot Cards People?

I am always trying to think of fun ways to connect with my Tarot cards and get a better understanding of them.

From meditating with my cards to interviewing my Tarot deck, I’ve tried it all!

But the other day, one of my readers said she likes to use her Tarot cards as inspiration for character development in her writing….and this got me thinking….

What if I looked at each Tarot card as if it was a person with unique character traits, quirks and secret desires?

I decided to start with one of my favorite cards, the Queen of Wands.

crystal visions tarot
Crystal Visions Tarot

I imagine her to be a real go-getter. Sophisticated, focused and driven, I bet she would read books like Write it Down, Make it Happen and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

If it was the 80’s she would be rockin’ the shoulder pads!

She’s the kind of gal who gets up at 6 am to workout to an aerobics tape like this one:

As a dinner date she is interesting company, but never stops talking…which can get a bit obnoxious.

Of course, this is easy enough to do with a Court Card, but what about a minor arcana card like the Four of Cups?

four of cups
Anna K Tarot

If the Four of Cups were a person, he would be one of those passive-aggressive types. When asked where he wants to go for dinner, he would reply “wherever you want to go” but then be all dissatisfied and resentful about it!

On vacation, he always finds things to be unhappy about – from the low threadcount hotel sheets to the lukewarm quiche.

If friends recommend books and movies to him, he is always “disappointed”  and nothing is quite up to snuff. “I read The Hunger Games,” he laments “and I really don’t see what you liked about it.”

The Four of Cups likes to play it safe. He gravitates to the mundane things in life – only watching blockbusters and eating in chain restaurants – so no wonder he is eternally unsatisfied!

His secret wish is to feel ALIVE in everything he does, but his fear of the unknown holds him back.

Your turn!

Choose a Tarot card that you find a bit perplexing. Now pretend that it isn’t just a card….it’s a person!

What personality traits does he/she have?

What kind of movies does he/she like?

What kind of hobbies are of interest?

What is his/her secret desire?

Tell me what you come up with in the comment section below!

3 thoughts on “Are Tarot Cards People?”

  1. Deniz Yorukoglu

    Thank you Kate for this wonderful exercise! I haven’t been around for a while because of school but I missed sharing ideas and exercises in your Tarot haven! 🙂

    The first person I thought about is the lady on the Star card. Especially the one on Crystal Visions Tarot. She would be wise, loving, gentle, helpful, hopeful, merciful on a humanitarian level. She would be into spiritual techniques and Shamanic practices. She would be an activist for humanitarian causes, a Guru or a Reiki master, or a spiritual counselor. Also she would definitely be a certified Angel card reader.

    She would read books about spiritual guides and guidance, or perhaps write a book (or books!) on this topic herself.

    Her clothes would be long dresses, loose blouses and skirts, mostly tie-dye, and she would love silver jewellery with crystals, and mala beads maybe?

    She would be the kind of person who always shows up when you are desperate or need help, and you would always feel comfortable with her. She would be the friend everyone asks opinions and shares secrets with. Her everlasting hopefulness would inspire everyone.

    If she watched the Lord of the Rings, she would find Galadriel and Arwen close to her, and she would definitely have a crystal similar to Earendil (the star in-a-bottle given to Frodo by Galadriel to shed light on darkness)

    If Star would be a male, he would have the same taste in everything with the lady, and he would be a strong yet so kind and gentle man who is in deep contact with his divine feminine part, knowing that the essence of spirit is the balance between male and female.

    I think Star would love to listen to Enya 🙂

    And yes I realize how much I actually love this card more right now. 🙂

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