Bust out of that coffin! Tarot card for Friday…

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Universal Waite Tarot

Question of the day: What coffin do you long to burst out of? What tiresome “role” makes you feel like a zombie? It’s time to bust loose!

Judgement is here to let you know that a re-birth is in order. This card is choc-full of phallic and vaginal symbolism – people leaping out of dark boxes and an angel going to town on a large golden “trumpet”. Good god! What does is all mean?

It means wake the fuck up and start living! It’s easy to corpse-walk your way through life, but who wants to do that?

The trumpet actually symbolizes your divine calling. Are you going to listen and act? Or are you going to stay in that safe little coffin of yours?

But how do you do that? Let me tell you…..

Do ONE THING today that a zombie would be incapable of doing. You’ll be surprised by how this eliminates most of your daily activites 😉 Then report back here and share what you did!

6 thoughts on “Bust out of that coffin! Tarot card for Friday…”

  1. But I’ve got so many zombie chores to do today, laundry, cleaning, dishes…well if you insist, I guess they can wait ’til tomorrow or the next day. 😀

    1. Ugh, i know what you mean, Sarah. I have started listing to podcasts while i do boring chores – i am not sure if it takes out the zombie aspect, but at least im not bored!

      1. I went ahead and did the chores. 😛 But I had a glass of wine afterwards so I think Veronica would approve. 😉 Also, that podcast idea is a good one. I may have to try it.

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