My Top 5 Tarot Decks!

Since I love, love, love making lists and coming up with my top 5 movies, top 5 books, etc, I thought it would be fun to list my top 5 Tarot decks. Keep in mind this is the top 5 Tarot decks amongst the Tarot decks I own and not all Tarot decks in existence! So of course, my top 5 Tarot decks list is a little biased. But if I could only keep five of my Tarot decks (god forbid!) these are the ones I’d grab:

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1) Crystal Visions Tarot

Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

I just can’t get enough of this magical, girly, touchy-feely Tarot deck! I love everything about it – except the white borders, which I hacked off with a paper cutter. At first glance you may think oh, this is another once of those wimpy, fluffy, bullshit decks…but no! It’s not. It’s totally awesome in so many ways.

I go on and on about how great the Crystal Visions Tarot deck is right here, so I will keep it short here. This deck never disappoints me. I always feel comforted and supported when I do a reading with these cards – its kind of like talking with a really wise friend who knows me well, is totally honest, but never a bitch.

The colours are delicious, the energy is divine – and I have never had an “off” reading with this deck yet! This is my go-to deck when I am all in a flap about something.

To see the various readings I have done with this deck, click here.

2) Osho Zen Tarot

Osho Zen Tarot by Ma Deva Padma

The Osho Zen Tarot is one bad-ass deck! I love it because it puts a whole new spin on the traditional Tarot cards. Its new-agey and “spiritual” – but not in a cheesy way. I feel like these cards were really designed for contemplation, not fortune telling.

Most importantly, these cards feel sublime when you shuffle them, which is a trait few Tarot decks possess, quite sadly. I love the way these cards pull me back into the present moment, into my center, so I am not spazzing out over life.

Reading with the Osho Zen deck is like sitting down with a really good therapist…..almost! Hop over here to read my full review on this deck.

3) Druidcraft Tarot

The Druidcraft Tarot by Stephanie Carr-Gomm and Will Worthington

The Druidcraft Tarot is a delightfully witchy deck with a distinct pagan feel. For some reason this deck reminds me of Fall, my favorite time of year, when its crispy and smoky outside and almost Halloween.

The cards are kind of big, which makes shuffling a pain in the ass, but the beauty of the cards makes up for this. I don’t really use this deck much, but I bring it out on special occasions and to give myself important readings.

This is a very earthy deck and the people in it are kind of fugly, which huge feet and beer guts and stuff like that. Overall, the cards have such an old, wise feel to them, making this an extra-special deck.

Go here to see how I interpreted some of the cards from this deck 🙂

4) Anna K Tarot

Anna K Tarot

I really like this deck. I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly that I like so much, but these cards just have a nice feel to them – a good energy. Plus, the cards themselves are slightly shorter than most of my decks, which makes shuffling really easy. Bonus!

This deck does something odd – it seems to personally attune to each person I am reading for and when I read for myself it has been spookily accurate! I am still getting to know this deck, but I can easily say that it one of my faves.

You can see all the readings I have done with this deck right here.

5) Morgan-Greer Tarot

Morgan-Greer Tarot by Bill Greer

This deck is a total classic and a must-have for any serious Tarot deck hoarder! Despite the fact that this is a more recent addition to my collection, it feels like I have been reading with these cards for decades.

The Morgan-Greer Tarot is a product of the 70’s (first published in 1979) which is apparent in the appearance of the “pornstache” on many of the men. Fun stuff!

The best thing about this Tarot deck is that THERE ARE NO BORDERS on the cards! I can’t stand annoying borders – I love it when the image comes right to the edge of the card.

*So now I want to know….what are YOUR favorite Tarot decks? What is your go-to deck that never fails you? Tell me in the comment section below!

23 thoughts on “My Top 5 Tarot Decks!”

  1. I have 4 at the moment
    1)The gilded tarot deck, which was my first and given to me by a dear friend it sparked my tarot journey
    2) the gateway to the divine tarot which has the same artist as the gilded tarot, absolutely beautiful and very celestial feeling
    3) wildwood tarot which is very earthy and druid feeling. one of my faves and the one I use most in self readings. It brings me back in tune with nature.
    4) shadowscape tarot the artwork is so ethereal and stunning it has a very water and airy aspect and is quite inviting

  2. Hi Kate, i love the Gateway of the devine Tarot of Giro Marchetti, the grafics are very special, what I like the most is that you cannot see the signification of the cards right away, you have to study the most of them realy well before telling what they mean. The client cannot make conclusions directly, she (he) has to wait for the reader to explain.
    regards, Ana

  3. Hi Kate, I own more than 5 decks but actually don’t use them all, so my favourite 4 are:

    1. Sharman Caselli. The images are really lovely including the use of birds and butterflies.
    2. Rider Waite
    3. Dragon tarot by Peter Pracownik. This is because I have a great attraction to dragons!
    4. Aspects of self by Susan Emily Pitt. These are the most beautiful cards I have seen.

    Own the Marseille deck, Shakespearean deck, lovers deck as well as goddes, karma, inner child, archetype decks. Interesting to hear what other people like!

    1. Thanks Denise for sharing your favorite decks! I actually haven’t heard of any of those decks, except for the Rider Waite. So now of course I must check out these other decks. The Dragon Tarot intrigues me – i love dragons too 🙂

  4. It is fun to read everyone’s favorite tarot decks! So here are my 5 favorite tarot decks:
    1. Victorian Romantic Tarot
    2. DruidCraft Tarot
    3. Gaian Tarot
    4. Buckland’s Romani Tarot
    5.Anna K. Tarot

    Its actually hard to pick just 5!

    1. Thanks for sharing your faves, Nancy! It looks like the Druidcraft has made an appearance again – it seems to be on everyone’s top 5 list 🙂

  5. Great decks, Kate! Wonderful choices!

    My favorite decks have to be: DruidCraft, Crystal Visions, and Tarot of the Vampyers. Broad range, I know, but that’s how I am as well, a full-spectrum kind of gal! 🙂

  6. I have two decks.. first one is universal raider Waite deck. And the other one is Angel Tarot cards deck. I never felt connected with the Raider Waite deck. I tried so hard than time came and when I connected with angels I got overwhelmed to buy Angel tarot cards from Doreen Virtue.. and slowly within 1 month I got so connected that I didn’t felt like buying more … although I bought 3 decks but all are oracle cards…I love them all and my angels help me to be correct in my readings…

    1. That’s wonderful that you were able to connect so strongly to the Angel deck, Kirti. It is a beautiful deck 🙂 I have the rider waite deck, too and I use it for teaching but I was never truly able to really bond with it, either.

  7. Like your picks Kate! I don’t currently own 5 tarot decks, but my favourite decks are the Universal Waite, Crowley Thoth, Crystal Visions and the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. Other favourite decks I don’t own include the Mythic Tarot, Mystic Meg Tarot (my first tarot deck and it’s soooo hard to find it now!), the Sharman-Caselli deck and the old-school RWS. Decks on my wish list include Tarot of the Vampyres, the Celtic Tarot by Helena Paterson and Courtney Davis and the Secret Tarots. 🙂

    1. Ooooh, the Mystic Meg! I really love that one – I have it and it is a special deck – it didn’t make my top 5 because I rarely use it, but it is a real gem. And yes, its tough to find. You know, I am actually jealous of you for not owning 5 decks – at times it feels as though my house is constipated with all the decks I have lying about. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  8. Love your top 5. 3 of them are on mine too. My by far favourite is the Llewellyn Tarot. Osho en Druïds are 2 and 3. Wildwood is 4 and a shared 5th for Housewives and Crystal Vision. But then there is no room left for the Vision Quest that I love so much and the Tarot of the Angels. I do believe top 5 is too cramped for a hoarder like me 😉

  9. Hi, Kate! Hope you’re doing great!

    My favorite decks (I absolutely ADORE the gothic decks!) are below, but not in any order, as I love them all!!!!! (God I think I need tarot therapy! heehee!)

    1) Dark Angels Tarot – not all angels are white, fluffy bunny rabbits and lollipops…. 😉
    2) Watcher Angels Tarot
    3) Vampires of the Eternal Night Tarot – very gothic and sexy.
    4) Crystal Vision
    5) Morgan Greer
    6) Druidcraft
    7) Robin Wood tarot – speaks for itself!
    8) The Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed – love the art work.
    9) The Romany Tarot by Raymond Buckland – all gypsies.

    Stay well! Blessings, my friend.

    1. Thanks Ellen, for your list of favorites! We have similar taste in cards – I love the Robin Wood tarot as well! Vampires of the Eternal night looks like a good Halloween deck – I like spooky decks as well 🙂

  10. Okay, Kate!

    So, you know I’ve gone through A LOT of decks, right? Buying, trying, giving them away. Right now, I have about ten decks that are really doing what I need them to do–and while you only asked for FIVE, I’m going to tell you about all TEN of them! Ha!

    And one thing that all my decks do have in common–mostly–is an adherence to RWS. That’s what I decided this year: This is my system, and I’m too old to learn a whole new one.

    1) DruidCraft. A perennial. I’ve had it for about twelve years, and it’s reliable, beautiful, and takes me back to a more nature-based way of being. Mine are trimmed, and they are STILL a pain in the ass to shuffle. Oh, well.

    2) Tarot of the Sidhe. Right now, these are my hardest-ass cards. They are edgy and deep and really, really just great for me. But, although I value them deeply, I definitely don’t recommend them for everyone. They’re quirky. As a dear friend said, “They are the deck of yours I hate the most.” Oh, well.

    3) Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot. As long as we’re talking “quirky.” This is an imagined world divided into tarot suits. Some of the card images don’t quite line up with traditional RWS. But the differences are fun to learn from. Very Big Cards!

    4) Sakki-Sakki Tarot. (I’m starting to realize that I have a thing for quirky decks!) This one is new to me, but it’s a charmer. Really easy to read–and really quirky/cartoony (as is the PT, above). I love the card stock and just about everything about the design of the cards. The fact that many of the characters in the Minor cards have no heads? No problem!

    5) Tarot of Trees. All trees, no people. And very, VERY RWS-centric. Who knew that drawings of trees could convey so much emotion? Very SMALL cards. These are adorable and very bright.

    6) The Touchstone Tarot. OMG. This is my easiest-to-read deck. It’s composed of Renaissance-era portraits photo-shopped to express RWS ideas. I love the card stock, the images, the dark card tones, and the Renaissance era it evokes. Also, there’s a sense of humor–a subtle one–afoot in the deck.

    7) Vanessa Tarot. I bought it because it’s small and it’s in a tin. But, boy, it really does the trick. I think the images are deceptively simple, and I’ve gotten LOTS of good insights–particularly for other people–from this deck.

    8) Dark Goddess Tarot. I just got this. It’s brand-new in the marketplace, too. But this one is something special. I can tell just by having it in my hands. A little edgy, very deep.

    9) The Glastonbury Tarot. I’m not sure why I love this one, but I do. It doesn’t conform to RWS, and I rarely read from it. But for some reason, I feel fond of it and always have it to hand.

    10) The Collective Tarot. In my mind, I call this deck, “Bones.” In fact, it’s got a suit renamed Bones. And Feathers. Keys. Bottles. I’d say this one’s pretty edgy, too. It’s done by a group–hence the deck title–but it’s wonderful. In the same quirky/edgy realm as the Sidhe, the Phantasmagoric, and the Sakki, it’s got it’s own crazy wisdom going on.

    One other thing I’m noticing, is that I’m finding self-published/indie/small press decks are meeting my needs better than mass produced decks–except, of course, for the DruidCraft and the Phantasmagoric. Oh, yeah, and the Vanessa.

    Okay, maybe I’m wrong!

    Thanks for letting me share.

    1. Thanks for sharing your top ten, Jamie – you really do have quirky tastes when it comes to Tarot decks, but I love it – the Tarot of the Sidhe and Tarot of Trees both really appeal to me. And the Dark Goddess Tarot – that one looks really really cool! I love how simple and powerful the images are.
      Of course, your list made me head on over to Amazon and drool….thanks a lot!


    2. Hey Jamie,
      I also own and love the Collective Tarot, I’m glad to see it on someone’s list!

  11. Nice question.It seems we don’t differ that much in taste. Here goes:
    1 Druidcraft Tarot- My all time favorite with an earthy feel to it. A very grounded deck
    2 Crystal visions Tarot – Much more airy fairy, but really to the point
    3 Anna K Tarot- My storybook deck
    4 Osho Zen Tarot – for mindful advice and insight
    5 Rider Waite Tarot – Because it’s my first deck and my frame of reference
    Funny while choosing some decks over the others it gave me almost a physical discomfort 🙂

    1. We really do have similar taste, Ellen! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I guess picking your fave tarot deck is like picking your favorite child 😉

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