Dealing with Downers ~ Nix the Whiners in Your Life!

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Veronica Noir is a Tarot reader, dominatrix, exhibitionist and the Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin. She has an unhealthy addiction to online shopping, watching kitten videos on YouTube and of course, trolling for younger men and lying about her age! Here are her words of wisdom…

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Today is all about giving and receiving….advice (and other things). You need to balance out the scales today and don’t be nice about it.

Take a long, hard look at your friendships. There is one friend in particular who is a total drain. This person takes, asks, demands and gives nothing back. She’s like Debbie Downer x 1000.

You’ve been nice, supportive and kind far too long. And it’s not helping. You need to dish up the tough-love, Veronica Noir style.

The best way to deal with this kind of person is to respond to their complaints and desperate pleas for sympathy by droning on and on about how fabulous your life is.

Next time she whines about her arthritis or back problems, tell her about the amazing orgy you had last night (even if you didn’t – its okay to embellish).

If she turns down your offer of cookies and tea by saying something bitchy like “I’m going gluten, sugar and caffeine free,” tell her all about the decadent chocolate cake you had for breakfast. Have fun with it!

If she asks you to get up at 6 am on a Saturday to help her with fundraising for some bullshit charity, tell her you can’t because you are busy…sleeping.

These whiny, miserable types need to be put in their place. She will either be inspired by your capacity for hedonistic enjoyment of life or she will be repulsed. Either way you won’t have to listen to her moaning and groaning much longer!


6 thoughts on “Dealing with Downers ~ Nix the Whiners in Your Life!”

  1. I had a conversation with “her” yesterday. She wound herself into a spiral of misery over the tiniest thing imaginable. Since I hadn’t received Veronica’s tough-love guidelines yet, I had to wing it. Very firmly, I said, M, you know you have two choices here, right? You can either be miserable about this thing or you can let it go.

    When I walked away she was still bitching . . .

    I’ll have to call her tonight to tell her about the chocolate cake!
    (Devil’s food, right, V?)

  2. Let push the whiners out of the door…..
    With my best dinner parties, my excellent whinecellar, my two daughters who both have their masters and are married to doctors.
    I have to stop writing now for I going to a party of my golfclub, only for members….

  3. This is going to be an excellent Friday, with whipped cream and cherries on top! Or is that Sunday, or Sunday! Whatever.

    I am having a shot of scotch at 9:23 a.m. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!!!!
    Or the cholesterol. Wait!!!! Scotch makes cholesterol disappear–I read it, somewhere. Wikipedia.

  4. Exactly what I’m going through! My one friend complains how miserable she is ALL the time….and how its everybody else’s fault! I’ve already said no to dinner plans!!

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