September 2013

The Lovers ~ Tarot Card for Monday – Friday

the cosmic tarot the lovers
The Cosmic Tarot

The Lovers Tarot Card is all about unity, connection and balance.

What do you find yourself powerfully drawn to this week? It could be a person, place or thing. Often we are drawn to something that is lacking in ourselves in an attempt to balance things out.

Communication and connecting with others may seem easier than usual this week and don’t be surprised if you feel a surge of passion towards something you had thought long forgotten – like an old hobby, for example.

Although The Lovers Tarot card is all about opposites attracting, try to look for the commonality that you share with others, rather than your differences – this will help you get on the same page with friends, family and colleagues.

*Note: For the month of October I am going to be taking a breather from my daily readings. Instead, I will be posting a card of the week. This will give me time to write more articles, reviews, videos, etc…I will return with my daily readings in November 🙂


Dealing with Downers ~ Nix the Whiners in Your Life!

fridays with veronica

Veronica Noir is a Tarot reader, dominatrix, exhibitionist and the Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin. She has an unhealthy addiction to online shopping, watching kitten videos on YouTube and of course, trolling for younger men and lying about her age! Here are her words of wisdom…

six of pentacles
New Palladini Tarot

Today is all about giving and receiving….advice (and other things). You need to balance out the scales today and don’t be nice about it.

Take a long, hard look at your friendships. There is one friend in particular who is a total drain. This person takes, asks, demands and gives nothing back. She’s like Debbie Downer x 1000.

You’ve been nice, supportive and kind far too long. And it’s not helping. You need to dish up the tough-love, Veronica Noir style.

The best way to deal with this kind of person is to respond to their complaints and desperate pleas for sympathy by droning on and on about how fabulous your life is.

Next time she whines about her arthritis or back problems, tell her about the amazing orgy you had last night (even if you didn’t – its okay to embellish).

If she turns down your offer of cookies and tea by saying something bitchy like “I’m going gluten, sugar and caffeine free,” tell her all about the decadent chocolate cake you had for breakfast. Have fun with it!

If she asks you to get up at 6 am on a Saturday to help her with fundraising for some bullshit charity, tell her you can’t because you are busy…sleeping.

These whiny, miserable types need to be put in their place. She will either be inspired by your capacity for hedonistic enjoyment of life or she will be repulsed. Either way you won’t have to listen to her moaning and groaning much longer!


Let Yourself Go! ~ King of Cups (Thursday)

king of cups
Rider Waite Tarot

The King of Cups! He is such a funny little dude, looking all uptight and secretive. This King holds secrets, that’s for sure! Emotional secrets.

What feelings are you hiding from others (and maybe even yourself?) What area of your life do you not allow feeling to flow through?

Today will be an interesting day – you will have the choice to either ignore a feeling or engage with it.

Yes, you may seem unstable to those who are so used to you being the “rock” who keeps it together. But so what? Keeping your emotions all bottled up inside is no picnic either. Let it flow!

You are Safe ~ Nine of Wands (Wednesday)

9 of wands enchantress
Tarot of the Dream Enchantress

Today’s Tarot card, Nine of Wands, is all about confronting your fears head on.

You may be feeling a little world weary and perhaps you have lowered your expectations lately. But the Nine of Wands is here to remind you need not expect the worst – everything will be fine.

But don’t ignore that niggling feeling that something is “off” – explore it and see where it takes you. Your intuition is trying to tell you something and sometimes you mistake this for danger, but it’s not.

Know that you are safe now and any “danger” you perceive may be a result of things not working out well in the past. As you let go of these negative expectations, your energy levels will soar and you will be truly free!

Work it! ~ Angel Card for Tuesday

physical outlet
Indigo Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Angel card urges you to find a physical outlet for all of your energy. Dance, run, do housework, garden – your body wants you to move!

If you are thinking “what is she talking about? I am exhausted!”, then get outside for a walk and some fresh air. It may seem counterproductive, but it isn’t – the movement will energize you.

Today is all about enjoying your body and how it moves – things like dancing and moving to a rhythm actually connect you to the divine in a powerful way.

Here’s a fun thing to try – tonight, after dinner, turn out all the lights and play your favorite music. With your eyes closed, move your body however it wants to move – don’t censor yourself, just be totally un-selfconscious.

It may feel really messed up at first, but keep going. Doing this helps to break up any energy blocks in your body and mind. Before you know if you will be writhing in ecstasy! (Or just having a good time ;))

Eight of Wands ~ Life is Speeding Up! (Monday)

eight of rods
Anna K Tarot

Things are speeding up! Hold on to your hat because life is unfolding before your very eyes…at the speed of lightening!

The Eight of Wands Tarot card signifies that important letters/emails are being written and sent. Should you censor yourself? There’s no time to think!

You may get news of something good today, or just simply feel that things are beginning to really happen for you.

You have an increased ability to communicate to others in a direct, non-apologetic manner. No beating around the bush for you today!

Ten of Pentacles ~ Insatiability & Rampant Consumerism! (Friday)

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is a lover of Tarot, cats and men in their early 20′s. Veronica spends her days eating coffee cheesecake, spying on neighbors and just being her fabulous self! Let’s see what she has to say about the Ten of Pentacles


Housewives Tarot

Beware of those who hold up certain “values” as if they were universal.

The lady in this Ten of Pentacles card is holding up the picture of a giant house as if to say “look! This is what we all should strive for – an orange mansion with strategically placed shrubbery!”

But do you notice that this domesticity-pusher is wearing an apron? It’s because she is serving an “ideal” that does not serve her. But before I go all sociology student on you….

Lets take an even closer look at this card. What is actually being held up and presented is a giant round hole – a hole that needs to be filled.

You can stuff this “hole” with all kinds of things – food, orange mansions, money, material possessions, a hunky spouse, pointless busy-ness, or my favorite one….lots of sex!

But like a Sigmund Freud nightmare, this hole is insatiable and always hungers for more. What to do? What to do?

Be a Laura Croft hole raider and find out as much as you can about your “hole” – ooh, that sounds dirty! But really, notice what you habitually try to stuff yourself with. For me, its coffee cheesecake and stiletto boots, but for you maybe it’s jumbo jets and hookers. Don’t judge yourself.

In the comments below, give me the dirty deets…what do you strive to attain in the hopes it will make you feel “whole” and satisfied?

Embracing Sadness ~ Ten of Swords (Thursday)

10 of swords
Fairytale Tarot by Karen Mahony

The Ten of Swords has appeared today to let you know that you have some sadness that needs to be released.

This can happen in three ways – you may unconsciously create a situation in which you can feel sadness and express it, or you will have a sad dream which allows you to feel intense emotion or you can just feel the feeling of grief/sadness and let it move through your body until it is released.

The last option is best as it is quickest and will not create added drama. Something has come to and end and this is just the last phase of release – then you will be free to turn over a new leaf and start things afresh!

The key is to not be afraid of this emotion – the feeling itself is harmless, it is only when you try to avoid the feeling that it becomes uncomfortable.