Work it! ~ Angel Card for Tuesday

physical outlet

Indigo Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Angel card urges you to find a physical outlet for all of your energy. Dance, run, do housework, garden – your body wants you to move!

If you are thinking “what is she talking about? I am exhausted!”, then get outside for a walk and some fresh air. It may seem counterproductive, but it isn’t – the movement will energize you.

Today is all about enjoying your body and how it moves – things like dancing and moving to a rhythm actually connect you to the divine in a powerful way.

Here’s a fun thing to try – tonight, after dinner, turn out all the lights and play your favorite music. With your eyes closed, move your body however it wants to move – don’t censor yourself, just be totally un-selfconscious.

It may feel really messed up at first, but keep going. Doing this helps to break up any energy blocks in your body and mind. Before you know if you will be writhing in ecstasy! (Or just having a good time ;))

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  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Of course, Veronica would suggest doing this naked, on the back deck, under a full moon. Either way, it’s great advice!

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