Let Yourself Go! ~ King of Cups (Thursday)

king of cups
Rider Waite Tarot

The King of Cups! He is such a funny little dude, looking all uptight and secretive. This King holds secrets, that’s for sure! Emotional secrets.

What feelings are you hiding from others (and maybe even yourself?) What area of your life do you not allow feeling to flow through?

Today will be an interesting day – you will have the choice to either ignore a feeling or engage with it.

Yes, you may seem unstable to those who are so used to you being the “rock” who keeps it together. But so what? Keeping your emotions all bottled up inside is no picnic either. Let it flow!

4 thoughts on “Let Yourself Go! ~ King of Cups (Thursday)”

  1. I am usually the rock, so acting out of character has freaked some people out–

    Love my daily “fix”

    thanks Kate.

  2. I’d like to look in my cup, but I can’t turn my head! Neck hernia LOL
    Seriously, I have more bottled up than flowing feelings. Sometimes I don’t even know myself what’s hiding under the lid. That’s why I love tarot so much. It gives me a surprising insight in myself. My cardboard therapist 😀

    1. That is a beautiful phrase–“cardboard therapist.”

      From the intuitive side, it seems you need some energy work to help things flow.


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