Ten of Pentacles ~ Insatiability & Rampant Consumerism! (Friday)

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is a lover of Tarot, cats and men in their early 20â€ēs. Veronica spends her days eating coffee cheesecake, spying on neighbors and just being her fabulous self! Let’s see what she has to say about the Ten of Pentacles


Housewives Tarot

Beware of those who hold up certain “values” as if they were universal.

The lady in this Ten of Pentacles card is holding up the picture of a giant house as if to say “look! This is what we all should strive for – an orange mansion with strategically placed shrubbery!”

But do you notice that this domesticity-pusher is wearing an apron? It’s because she is serving an “ideal” that does not serve her. But before I go all sociology student on you….

Lets take an even closer look at this card. What is actually being held up and presented is a giant round hole – a hole that needs to be filled.

You can stuff this “hole” with all kinds of things – food, orange mansions, money, material possessions, a hunky spouse, pointless busy-ness, or my favorite one….lots of sex!

But like a Sigmund Freud nightmare, this hole is insatiable and always hungers for more. What to do? What to do?

Be a Laura Croft hole raider and find out as much as you can about your “hole” – ooh, that sounds dirty! But really, notice what you habitually try to stuff yourself with. For me, its coffee cheesecake and stiletto boots, but for you maybe it’s jumbo jets and hookers. Don’t judge yourself.

In the comments below, give me the dirty deets…what do you strive to attain in the hopes it will make you feel “whole” and satisfied?

7 thoughts on “Ten of Pentacles ~ Insatiability & Rampant Consumerism! (Friday)”

  1. Sigh… A good vanilla milkshake… Enough said?
    😉 awareness is key…
    Balance is divine!
    Lol! Happy weekending!

  2. Ha ha, I’m not the only one. Yesterday I ordered an Oracle deck (my first one) my partner said “why do you need them, don’t you have enough tarot decks?” This was followed by a lengthy justification of why I need just this one more deck.
    It’s not the deck, honest, it’s the anticipation of waiting for the post man to arrive. Honest

    1. Mick, I know exactly what you mean!!!! I often buy decks and then once I get them, wait a few days to even open them and look at the cards – the thrill is in the anticipation.

  3. Oh, Veronic (and Ellen),

    It’s so trite. I always, ALWAYS think the next deck will fill the hole. Maybe I should try sex, instead. Or at least sexy decks! There. That’s my new plan. Taro-tica.

    I’ll let you know how that works out . . .


    1. I have seen some “erotic” tarot decks online – so have fun with that 😉 It would be funny to get a really raunchy deck and then use it when reading for someone inappropriate (like a prudish friend), but act like everything’s totally normal.

  4. Collecting tarot and oracle decks. I am waiting for a new oracle deck right now. I’ve ordered The Oracle of Shadows and Light yesterday evening and it is coming today!!!!! I am madly in love with those cute, and sometimes dark girly figures
    I love getting packages. And let’s not forget chocolate! 🙂

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