Embracing Sadness ~ Ten of Swords (Thursday)

10 of swords
Fairytale Tarot by Karen Mahony

The Ten of Swords has appeared today to let you know that you have some sadness that needs to be released.

This can happen in three ways – you may unconsciously create a situation in which you can feel sadness and express it, or you will have a sad dream which allows you to feel intense emotion or you can just feel the feeling of grief/sadness and let it move through your body until it is released.

The last option is best as it is quickest and will not create added drama. Something has come to and end and this is just the last phase of release – then you will be free to turn over a new leaf and start things afresh!

The key is to not be afraid of this emotion – the feeling itself is harmless, it is only when you try to avoid the feeling that it becomes uncomfortable.


8 thoughts on “Embracing Sadness ~ Ten of Swords (Thursday)”

  1. Alas, once again, you are SO RIGHT!!! I lost my mom in June, my beloved Yorkie in August and my job has become totally unbearable. My angels keep telling me it’s time to move on and find something else to do that will pay the bills, and I feel like they’re clearing the path for me, but the sadness lingers. So I am going to listen to the 10 of swords and try to release it by sending the sadness into a clear quartz crystal and then rinsing the crystal in the sink and watching the “black water” in my mind’s eye swirl down the drain! Thank you, and bright blessings!

    1. Sage, I am so sorry for all the loss you have had this year. That’s alot to deal with all at once. But I am glad my reading got you thinking about how to release some sadness. Best of luck in finding the right job – it does sound like its a huge time of change for you right now.

  2. Right on the mark, Kate. I was talking about this with Joan M. just last night. It’s a deep old wound this 10 of Swords is pointing (ouch!) out. Thank you and your cards (those cards!) for acknowledging it.


  3. That’s lovely, Kate. I was having a 9 of swords week…. it makes sense to let it filter through, acknowledge the emptiness and release it. Blessings xx

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