Oracle Card Reading for Tuesday

Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer

Today’s Oracle card is Waterfall ~ Effortless and it is here to remind us that life is not supposed to be difficult. If you find yourself struggling and striving, remember that there is a different way….

Take the path of least resistance, let life flow, and you will be surprised at how much you “get done”. If there is something you want to accomplish today, ask yourself “what is the easiest, most relaxing way I can do this?”

Another message I get with this card is that there is a trickle down effect that is always happening. The little things we do today can have a big impact later on. So take baby steps toward your goals and know that in doing so, you are actually taking great strides toward your dreams!

9 thoughts on “Oracle Card Reading for Tuesday”

  1. This is exactly what I need to hear right now, lately I’ve been trying to hard to force things to happen rather then letting the river take me where it wants to take me I’ve been trying to hard to paddle up stream. So this is a wonderful reminder to Go with the Flow.

  2. So freakin’ funny! I’m on the phone with (yes) the refi company because of a bit of a snafu, and I was right on the edge of getting panicky, so while I was on hold, I decided to look at your daily draw and see if it offered any comfort!

    Perfect message, perfect timing. Thank you, Kate. My blood pressure is dropping back to a normal, healthy rate, and I will put my trust in the FLOW.


  3. So true. Need to get going on a couple things that I’ve put off. Thank you! This card also has me thinking about how much i’d love to go on vacation this summer. I love waterfalls. Thanks again!

  4. Ouh, I needed exactly this! This is exactly the plan for today: I have to do a certain thing in my new life that seems without big importance… but for a couple of days my intuition hasn’t left me alone telling me that this little step will count count pretty much in month to come…Cheers! Have a good day!

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