Transformation ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday

Osho Zen Tarot

Transformation from the Osho Zen Tarot (aka Death) has arrived to help you usher in all the new, exciting changes that are happening within you. Have you felt lately as though you were almost changing overnight?

The sleeping face on this card indicates that much transformation occurs during your sleep. You probably don’t realize just how much learning and growth you experience through your dreams.

In a way, sleep is like death – it gives us a chance to release the old and start fresh again the next day. You can use your sleep to re-program your life.

For example, spend a few moments before bed focusing on all the positive things that happened that day and dreaming about what you want to bring into your life and how you want to feel. When you awaken, spend a moment lying in bed, just feeling the life force within you radiate with positive energy. This is one of the most wonderful ways to start your day!

22 thoughts on “Transformation ~ Tarot Card for Wednesday”

  1. Kate–

    Not to beat a . . . um . . . TRANSFORMED horse, but I just did my daily (nightly) draw, and guess what? Yup. Death. Big as life, the first of my three cards.


    Spooky late-night hugs,

  2. Transformation is apparently my current path. It was the message I received from the Vision Quest deck a few days back and what my inner me is preparing me for by way of cleaning house on several levels. Thanks Kate.

    1. Aargh, Joan! You and me both!

      And, what’s funny, I referenced your Vision Quest deck earlier today, talking about the Empress card, which, when I pulled it, always felt like it was my grandmother dropping by to say hi!


  3. Transformation is apparently my current path. Thanks for the reminder about the prebedtime programming. It also works nicely as an affirmation assist. This was the subject of the Vision Quest deck I pulled a few days ago.

  4. Hey, Kate–

    Well, this is in line with the heavy cards I’ve been drawing the last few days, both from oracle decks and from the tarot. I even had a half-dream about The Tower card this morning. Sheesh.

    While I’m hearing your upbeat interpretation, personally, I’m going to have to do some serious inner work today to allow the energies that are represented by the heavy cards help me transform–which, clearly, is what is needed.

    Oy. Wish me well.

    1. Good luck Jamie! (If your having bad dreams, see my response to StoneGypsy Trina) – I think I have had dreams about the Tower as well, not recently, but I know I have at some point. Good thing Joan’s sending you Reiki!

  5. Oh wow…”sleep is like death” I really like that! I would always panic when I did a reading for myself and got the death card. Then I read in a book by Deepak Chopra that in a sense one dies everyday. But I really like how you put it! Awesome! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Erica! I have heard it said that within seven years (or something like that) all our cells are all replaced, our bodies create new ones, so technically we are a totally different person. But I prefer the idea that each day is new (I don’t want to wait 7 years to become fresh again!)

    1. Trina – someone told me the other day that we create disturbing dreams for ourselves so that we can learn to feel and deal with strong emotions. In a way, our dreamstate is like a classroom. Lately, I have been having dreams that are very frightening (being attacked by dogs, things like that) and I get the sense that these dreams are trying to teach me to relax and change my energy in a fearful situation, so that I can in turn change the situation. Before you go to bed, visualize yourself having a horrible dream and dealing with it in a positive way (for example, becoming aware that it is a dream) and see if that makes a difference 🙂

  6. Just to say thankyou for your wonderfully enlightening readings Kate! They really make so much sense and I look forward to them:-) Very much appreciated. Xx

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