Nine of Swords ~ Tarot Card Reading for Thursday

nine of swords
Shadowscapes Tarot

The Nine of Swords has appeared today to tell you to stop worrying! That only makes things worse!!! You need to get it together and put things in perspective today.

Even if your worst fear manifested, chances are it would not be as awful as anticipating that fear. The guy in this card is looking up at the sky with dread and thinking oh no, here it comes, here it comes!

This card is all about learning to manage your thoughts. Your thoughts create your feelings and together, these are what create your reality in many ways. So its important for you to master your thoughts and what better way to do this than create situations for yourself so you can “practice” this.

There are many different ways to manage your negative or fearful thoughts. I have found The Work of Byron Katie to be quite helpful, as well as Tapping.

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6 thoughts on “Nine of Swords ~ Tarot Card Reading for Thursday”

  1. LOL love the “Oh no here it comes” LOL you can really feel it from the card, it is amazing this deck! Just a pity the cards make the artwork crowded and you need the book to see what is going on!

    1. Hey, Janine–

      That’s exactly my objection (well, one of them!) to the Zerner-Farber deck (same as the Enchanted, without borders, though) and the Paulina. And it’s why I could just never get excited about the Shadowscapes.

      Although I love seeing what Kate sees when she reads with ’em. Maybe her eyes are just younger than mine . . .


  2. Hi Kate i drew some cards for today yesterday night and the outcome was somewhat similar. The Fool between swords. The Page of Swords… The Fool …and 5 of Swords with the weapons pointing at the Fool. Yet the fool with the carefree no worries type of mind can not be harmed and keeps the journey. That is the feeling i got last night.
    Thanks for the daily posts. I really enjoy and learn.

    1. Thanks Kaia for reading my daily posts! That’s an interesting card combo you got and I like your interpretation. I often see the Fool and the Page of Swords as having a bit in common, although the Page of Swords is more of a worrier, The Fool is more sunny and resilient I think.

      1. Hey, Kaia and Kate–

        I’m fascinated by this conversation about the Fool and Page of Swords (and Kaia’s nice visual on the Page and the Five pointing their swords at the Fool).

        If either of you had more to share on this, I would be loving reading more about it, here. Just in case, I’ll check back later.

        Thanks for your respective smarts.

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