Six of Wands ~ Tarot Card for Friday!

six of wands tarot card
Paulina Tarot

Today’s Tarot card is the Six of Wands, from the Paulina Tarot deck. You’ll be going places today, so hold onto your hat!

The message today is that you are moving onward and upward. Any goals you set today will be well within your reach. The Six of Wands is all about making progress and feeling a sense of achievement from your hard work and efforts. Lap up any praise or compliments that others give to you today….sure it’s a bit ego-centered, but who cares?

If you are feeling like a bit of a loser today, start by making small goals that you know you can achieve. Once you have achieved those, your energy will have shifted and you will find it easier to start setting and reaching bigger, bolder goals. So prepare for lift off!!!

On Monday I became a Certified Angel Card Reader and to celebrate I am offering 7 reading spots for those who would like an Angel card reading about manifesting more prosperity and abundance in their lives. I am currently on a break from doing private readings, however I feel so excited about doing Angel readings right now that I felt I needed to take a break from my break 😉 Click here for more info.

prosperity reading

22 thoughts on “Six of Wands ~ Tarot Card for Friday!”

  1. Great card!! Congrats on your Certification! I was certified this month!!!!! Love your blog and website. Very informative. Keep up the great work. Namaste.

  2. Congrats on your certification! I was just cerified last month! Weird because when I saw Doreen’s weekly reading from Vancouver the thought that I “knew” someone in the audience came to me. I thought to myself-oh I doubt it but it would be cool. It was you! Lol! Congrats again! 🙂

    1. That’s funny you say that! I am actually not in that video, but she the next video she posts is the one I am in – I am way at the back on the left side.

  3. Congratulations on the certification!

    Interesting how your advice flows through the week. Yesterday the card told us to “stop worrying,” today the advice is the next step. Upwards… Uplifting!

  4. I’m not sure who’s funnier, you or me–you, “taking a break from your break”; me, taking 30 minutes instead of 30 days . . . Oh, Victorian Romantic . . . and OOP book, too!

    Sweet Big Ol’ Moon Dreams to You.

      1. Oh, yes ma’am, I did. I went to sleep after chatting with every intention of letting it stay in my cart, per your instruction.

        But at 3 a.m., I got back out of bed, booted up, and hit PURCHASE! Then I went to eBay and bought the companion book. Yup.

        But I haven’t eaten any sweets for three days. That counts, right?

        1. Oh, and because I DIDN’T buy the $195 “deal” which included the mini, I went ahead and DID buy the mini Bohemian Cats straight from Prague–right from the kitty’s mouth?–because I’ve been having a “what deck do I carry in my purse” crisis, and I’m hoping this cute RWS clone will be the answer.


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