Eight of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Monday

The Eight of Swords has appeared because you may find yourself in the thick of self sabotage today. Self defeating thoughts may threaten to overwhelm you, keeping you blind to reality. Remember that things are not really how they seem when you are in a negative mindset.

If you find yourself feeling helpless, down in the dumps or even just confused, your task today is to pinpoint the negative thought (or thoughts) causing you stress and find a way to turn those thoughts around.

Those negative thoughts don’t need to exist – they are no more a reflection of reality than your positive thoughts. Take the time to question your thoughts: are they really true? How might they be untrue? How might the opposite of those miserable thoughts be true?

As you unravel your limiting thoughts and beliefs, the veil will lift and you will become truly free.

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7 Responses to Eight of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Monday

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Hey, Kate–

    Not for me, today, but for my good friend MK, who arrived to take a couple of (gulp) Caroline Smith decks off my hands, and, when I asked her if I could give her a reading from my brand-spanking-new Victorian Romantic, agreed. (She is really a fine, fine friend.)

    Well, it turns out that the dilemma she asked me to read about was indeed a very 8-of-Swords-y sort of situation. The cards (oh, dear goddess, these cards may actually be the key to the Universe) got right to the core of the issue, described exactly how it was that she was binding her own hands–and, whoo-hoo!, offered a few other insights that might have given her what she needed to cut through the binds.

    I’m not sure exactly how a Victorian Romantic would say goodnight, but let’s just pretend this is it:
    Sweet dreams!

    • Kate says:

      Jamie, I am so glad you are liking that deck! Sounds like your doing some awesome readings with it. Good to hear you got rid of the Elemental Tarot finally 😉

      • Jamie Morris says:

        What’s funny is my friend MK has a bookstore, so she’ll sell it and take me out to lunch with the proceeds, but she disliked it so much, she wouldn’t even look through all the cards.

        She did love the MM, though (and, for the time being, it’s in her possession).

  2. Antonio says:

    I needed to hear this one today!!!!

    Thank You Kate.


  3. kaia says:

    Hi Kate! Wow!
    I drew the same card last night for today from my Angel Tarot pack.
    How interesting!
    Love and Light

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