Four of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday

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Are you ignoring a golden opportunity? Today’s Tarot card, the Four of Cups, suggest you might be! Your expectations may be very high, which is good, but don’t forget to look beyond appearances.

Something that might seem totally boring could actually turn out to be a delicious experience! So if you find yourself feeling a bit closed off to people or to trying new things, loosen up a bit.

Something will be presented to you today and you will be tempted to turn away or just ignore it – but look again, think twice and don’t be so quick to say “NO!” this time.

6 thoughts on “Four of Cups ~ Tarot Card for Tuesday”

  1. I had a dream of two lovers a Cancer like me and a pices.So I decided to go to my cards for a deeper dream analysis.
    Death, 4 of cups and 8 of wands came up.The problem is I have know clue as to what the cards may mean ????????‍♀️

  2. I just did a reading for someone that included the Four of Cups. In her case, the card was in the recent past, and showed her disinterest in several opportunities that had been offered to her. The next card (it was a four-card draw) was the Eight of Wands, and with the imagery of the particular deck, suggested that finally she’d seen something she was eager for and WENT FOR IT!! (Final card? The Lovers. Nice, right.)

    Happy Four-ish-ness to you.

    1. No! Dude! Seriously!!!

      Kate, it was late-night last night (end of your Four of Cups day) when I closed up shop and did my own daily draw. I had a good three-card reading that ended with a card that suggested an upcoming opportunity for my new/renewed business direction. Fine. Thank you cards, for the heads up.

      Then, for some reason, I decided to draw another card. I drew the Four of Cups! (Which is already astounding, but just wait …) Because I remembered it was your card of the day, I probably gave it a little more weight than I would have otherwise, and sat with it quietly looking very deeply at it.

      (Now, for this little story to have its best impact, realize it was VERY late, and I had totally forgotten what you had written about the card–only remembering that it was your daily draw. )

      So, I was looking at the Four, and it occurred to me that rather than how I would usually interpret it, upon realizing it was hearkening back to the “upcoming opportunity card” from my moments-earlier draw, I suddenly got a message: Be careful not to overlook the opportunity on its way because it doesn’t look the way I think it should.

      Good. Great message. Thank you, cards. And so to bed.

      Then this morning I thought, let me write Kate to tell her about the coincidence (I mean, I only did two readings yesterday, one for me and one for someone else, and the Four of Cups showed up in both–in other words, 25% of the cards I drew yesterday were the Four!) And that’s when I looked at your post again and read these words: Are you ignoring a golden opportunity? Today’s Tarot card, the Four of Cups, suggest you might be! Your expectations may be very high, which is good, but don’t forget to look beyond appearances.

      Seriously? DUDE!!

      A Very Happy (if belated) Smart You Day,

      1. Ahhh ha! Wow – showing up in two readings? That is crazy. That’s great that you decided to sit with it a bit longer than usual and it sounds like our minds are on the same wavelength here!
        Thanks for sharing, Jamie 🙂

  3. Hi Kate! I think we are in sync.
    Today is an important day. I was waiting for a letter from someone special and i also have some important meetings. So i drew 3 cards. 10 of Cps … Queen of Swords… and 3 of Cups. So a sword in between the cups. And Your Four of Cups now come in as just what I needed.
    I had VERY HIGH expectations. I got this letter i was waiting for….it was brief and somewhat coldish and I thought “So this is it!?”. And it felt like the Sword cut from the Queen. And now I read what You wrote an I feel so much better. I am grateful. Thank You.

    1. Kaia, thank you for sharing this with me – its good to know that my reading lifted your spirits 🙂

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