Oracle Card for Friday: Unleash Your Inner Hedonist!

beauty's truth
Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish

Today’s Oracle card, Beauty’s Truth is all about the importance of sensuality in your daily life. Pay attention to your five senses today – really taste your food, smell the air, listen to beautiful music and delight in being totally present!

Be a total hedonist today – buy yourself fresh flowers, read a trashy novel in the bath (instead of vacuuming) and eat something sinfully delicious for dinner.

Pleasure seekers get a bad rap, but enjoyment of life and feeling good is the best way to truly transform this planet.

Be playful today, like the pink fairy on this card – and delight in your innate sensuality. Your not being selfish, you are helping bring more joy and cheer to the world, starting with yourself!

In the comments below, tell me ONE joyful/sensual thing you are going to do today….

16 thoughts on “Oracle Card for Friday: Unleash Your Inner Hedonist!”

  1. Hey Kate,
    I got a chance to see this card at the end of Friday over here, but I think I intuitively got your message, as I stayed in bed ALL DAY sleeping ans resting except meal times. I canceled a meeting with my friend, I didn’t check my e-mail, I didn’t spend time on facebook etc., I didn’t sit in front of my pc, I didn’t study for school. And I’m so happy about it. Thank you for picking this card!

    Love and light,

  2. Kate!

    You’re such a champion of indulgence this week. I appreciate you suggesting I can leave my computer every once in a while.

    So, today, when the mail comes, I’ll drop what I’m doing, brew a cup of tea, and fling myself on the big, green couch and devour the Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot with my eyes.

    But, seriously, that’s it! Until my birthday in September, NO MORE DECKS–even if you draw this card again!

    Oh, did you just ask WHICH deck is my birthday deck? Here’s a link …

    Hedonistic hugs,
    from Jamie and cats, Baroque and otherwise

    1. Well Jamie, I don’t really believe you – I think you will buy a few decks between now and your birthday. That deck looks wild – make sure you take an acid tab before reading with that one!

    1. That sounds amazing – I long to have one of those huge clawfoot tubs that I had when I was growing up.

  3. What a great card for the day I chose to go to the Woman’s Expo! It’ll be all about me today and I won’t feel the least bit guilty! Thanks, Kate. Jan

  4. Denise Suttie

    Hi Kate, how delightful to have permission to enjoy the delights of the physical world. Thank you!

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