May 2013

Wheel of Fortune – Positive Changes on the Horizon

wheel of fortune
Robin Wood Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is one of the most exciting cards to get, in my opinion! It shows that things are changing and won’t stay dull for long.

You have had ups and downs throughout your life, but things are going towards an upswing. Just make sure you stay centered within yourself so you don’t get pulled along by your emotions like a rag-doll at a fairground.

Positive changes are on the horizon for you, so get ready! Luck certainly seems to be on your side today (and perhaps for a little longer). Enjoy it!

In the comments below, tell me what “lucky” things have happened to you this week…

Ace of Wands: Take up Something New! (Thursday)

ace of rods tarot card
Hanson Roberts Tarot

The Ace of Rods (aka Ace of Wands) is encouraging you to take up something new or to breath new life into an old hobby. Fresh starts are the theme with this card!

What do you see when you look at this wand? I see a pen, so I know I need to write more and keep up with my writing projects. Do you see a microphone? Start singing more, even if its just in the shower. Or do you just see flowers? Then get gardening! You get the idea….

Don’t hesitate to take up something new this week, even if it seems impractical. Don’t let that stop you because it just may turn into something really awesome!

In the comments below, let me know what new thing you are taking up this week…


King of Pentacles: Declare Your Place in the World! (Wednesday)

king of pentacles tarot card
Wildwood Tarot

The King of Stones (aka King of Pentacles) is represented by the mighty wolf in the Wildwood Tarot.

His message is this: declare your rightful place in the world and make your mark like you mean it.

Strong, wild and howling, this wolf isn’t trying to find his true calling as he is already howling it. You may think you still need to find yourself, but really you just need to declare yourself!

Another meaning I get is that today is a good day to be mature, strong and affirm your boundaries. Act like the leader of the pack even if your just a lone wolf.

Dealing with Drama: the Ten of Swords Shows You How (Tuesday)

ten of swords
Crystal Visions Tarot

The Ten of Swords….such a dramatic Tarot card! Perhaps too dramatic. Are you making a big kerfuffle over something minor? Or are you having to deal with a drama queen in your life?

When you look at this card, do you relate to the girl with ten swords stuck in her back (victim) or the crow that is calmly observing this shit show from a distance?

If you identify with the crow, the message is to “keep calm and carry on” even if people in your life are flamboyantly floundering. Its not your problem – I know that sounds cold, but it isn’t really. Its tough love.

If you identify with sword girl, take heart that things are not so bad. There light hovering over the girl is her guardian angel and it is a reminder that we are never alone. No matter what.

Time to Take Charge with the Two of Wands Tarot Card (Monday)

two of wands tarot card
Hanson-Roberts Tarot

The Two of Wands Tarot Card asks you this: where do you want to go now? What do you want to do with yourself?

You have reached a point of pause in your life, a contemplative standstill. Its up to you what the next steps will be!

You possess much experience, strength, insight and understanding (symbolized by the world that this guy is holding), but don’t turn away from that and try to tell yourself you don’t know what your doing. Because you do!

Don’t let others make the big decisions for you right now and notice if you are telling yourself “oh, I’ll just do nothing and see what happens.”

This is your time to take charge of your life and make your own plans, so hesitate only to contemplate your next move and then rock on with life.

Tarot Reading for the Week Ahead!

I used my Dream Enchantress Tarot for this reading and I have to say I am really liking this deck. I think I may write a review of it. I have had it a while so that “honeymoon” period is over and it is turning out to be a solid deck, not just for readings but for creative writing experiments and Tarot meditations.

Okay, enough about that and onto the reading. So what kind of excitement does this upcoming week have in store? Quite a bit, I should think…

Have a good week 🙂

What’s YOUR Guilty Pleasure?

For the past 340 days, I have blogged about Tarot. And I have loved every minute of it. But I woke up this morning and thought I want to write about something different today.

dairymilk-chocolate-barSince I am currently taking a writing class called How to Be a Guilty PleasureI have been busy crafting an epic list of all my guilty pleasures (of which I have many!) and in doing so I have realized something. You can really tell a lot about someone by their guilty pleasures…

And lately I have been itching to know more about my audience (YOU!).

So I would love it if you shared with me your ultimate Guilty Pleasures – those things you love to do but hate to admit (for example, watching all the Twilight movies. Alone. In a dark theater. While scarfing down Kit-Kats and Cheese Crisps). Its okay, I won’t judge.

But its only fair if I first reveal my own Guilty PleasuresBut just so you know, I don’t actually feel guilty about any of them. Here goes….

1. Camping out in metaphysical bookstores

twilight2. Paranormal Teen Romance Movies (like Twilight and…well, I can’t think of any others right now)

3. Dairymilk’s pretzel and peanut butter chocolate bars (sometimes consumed whilst viewing the paranormal teen romance film mentioned above)

4. Naps for no reason

5. Watching bellydance videos on YouTube

6. Listening to Reggae music while I make curry and it rains outsidephilippa-gregory-novel

7. Hot baths in the afternoon, while reading the latest Philippa Gregory novel

8. Going to the movies alone (you have no choice when you watch crap like Twilight)

9. Sipping tea out of a fancy, rose-painted teacup

10. Writing scathing film reviews of terrible movies (for example, the fourth installment of Twilight)

11. Lurking in health food stores, reading the labels on everything and harassing the staff

gameofthrones12. Watching Game of Thrones until 3am

13. Devouring freshly popped popcorn covered in coconut oil and pink Himalayan sea salt. Pairs nicely with #12

14. Obsessively googling my latest celebrity crush like a crazed stalker (right now its Kit Harington from Game of Thrones – the dude who plays Jon Snow. But next week it will be someone new)

15. Traipsing about in a long, grey cardigan, disintegrating bedroom slippers and grey sweatpants (sometimes done in conjunction with #14)

16. Petting horses at the Summer fair. I love doing this!

17. Last but not least… for Tarot decks and books on Amazon. If being hopelessly addicted to acquiring new Tarot decks is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

Okay, now its your turn 🙂 Dish your top 3 (or more) guilty pleasures in the comments below….and don’t hold back!!!

Get Outside! Archangel Jophiel Tells it to you Straight…

archangel jophiel
Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Archangel Oracle card is Outdoors, represented by Archangel Jophiel. Her message is “Go outside, get some fresh air and connect with nature to relieve stress and gain new and creative ideas.”

Its hard to feel uninspired and pissy when your surrounded by tweeting birds and leafy greens. Take some time today to commune with nature and soak up the sun (or rain).

Creative ideas will unfold seamlessly when you step outside with the critters. I guarantee it will lift your spirits. Unless you get bitten by something.

Question: What outdoor activity will you engage in today? Tell me in the comments below!

Will Today be Whiny Wednesday? Three of Swords Takes the Stage…

three of swords robin wood tarot
Robin Wood Tarot

The Three of Swords is one of the most miserable cards in the Tarot, in my opinion. But don’t worry, it doesn’t foretell how things will be today.

Rather, it tells you what to stop doing today!

The Three of Swords indicates you are feeling disappointed by someone or something. Did someone not live up to your expectation? Did something not bring you the fulfillment it was supposed to?

Stop sniveling and get on with it!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh. Sorry. You are feeling a little raw right now because it has become apparently clear that something/someone is not all it was cracked up to be. And that can hurt.

But it won’t last long. The best thing for you to do today is to avoid stewing in your own disappointment. If you catch yourself mentally rambling to yourself about how crummy something is, take a breath and think of kittens.

Emotions are Brewing! King of Cups is Tuesday’s Tarot Card.

king of cups
Crystal Visions Tarot

Do you feel an urge to suppress strong feelings today, for fear they may overtake you completely?

The King of Cups suggests that your willingness to work with your emotions is where your power lies. You don’t need to run from overwhelming feelings – go into them, feel them, let them do their thing.

You may appear calm and collected to others – this is why people seek you out for emotional support! But under the surface you are a tumultuous sea of emotional activity.

As you explore your emotions, you will learn more and more about yourself, which gives you a mature, powerful, king-like presence in the world. So don’t be afraid to get your feet wet in the emotional waters today!

What is the main emotion that is bubbling beneath your calm exterior today? Tell me in the comments below…