Get Outside! Archangel Jophiel Tells it to you Straight…

Today’s Archangel Oracle card is Outdoors, represented by Archangel Jophiel. Her message is “Go outside, get some fresh air and connect with nature to relieve stress and gain new and creative ideas.”

Its hard to feel uninspired and pissy when your surrounded by tweeting birds and leafy greens. Take some time today to commune with nature and soak up the sun (or rain).

Creative ideas will unfold seamlessly when you step outside with the critters. I guarantee it will lift your spirits. Unless you get bitten by something.

Question: What outdoor activity will you engage in today? Tell me in the comments below!

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8 Responses to Get Outside! Archangel Jophiel Tells it to you Straight…

  1. ian says:

    I walked to the train station today instead of the bus xx

  2. Jamie Morris says:

    Great reminder, Kate (and Archangel Jophiel)!

    Yesterday, I spent part of the day in my very green back yard trimming and tidying. This evening, I’m meeting a colleague for a walk in a nice little park near my house. This particular park is famous for having clutches of ducklings toddling after their mamas during the spring.

    It’s also got a gator and a family of otters, all of whom like a little fresh duckling for dinner, so there can be high nature drama on display as well as just your usual cute “peep-peep-peep-waddle-waddle” going on!

    Anyway, green, cute, and/or fierce, I’ll be out in it this evening.

    Happy Friday!
    Your own Nine of Pentacles Gal

    • Kate says:

      You have an alligator in your local park? That’s very hard core. And weird. Does it eat peoples children?

      • Jamie Morris says:

        I know; awesome, right? Only in Florida! (So far, no kids. Unless you’re a duck. Then, yes, it eats your kids.)

        The walk, BTW, was wonderful. And we saw, in addition to about 400 ducklings, a rabbit!

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