What’s YOUR Guilty Pleasure?

For the past 340 days, I have blogged about Tarot. And I have loved every minute of it. But I woke up this morning and thought I want to write about something different today.

dairymilk-chocolate-barSince I am currently taking a writing class called How to Be a Guilty Pleasure,Β I have been busy crafting an epic list of all my guilty pleasures (of which I have many!) and in doing so I have realized something. You can really tell a lot about someone by their guilty pleasures…

And lately I have been itching to know more about my audience (YOU!).

So I would love it if you shared with me your ultimate Guilty Pleasures – those things you love to do but hate to admit (for example, watching all the Twilight movies. Alone. In a dark theater. While scarfing down Kit-Kats and Cheese Crisps). Its okay, I won’t judge.

But its only fair if I first reveal my own Guilty Pleasures.Β But just so you know, I don’t actually feel guilty about any of them. Here goes….

1. Camping out in metaphysical bookstores

twilight2. Paranormal Teen Romance Movies (like Twilight and…well, I can’t think of any others right now)

3. Dairymilk’s pretzel and peanut butter chocolate bars (sometimes consumed whilst viewing the paranormal teen romance film mentioned above)

4. Naps for no reason

5. Watching bellydance videos on YouTube

6. Listening to Reggae music while I make curry and it rains outsidephilippa-gregory-novel

7. Hot baths in the afternoon, while reading the latest Philippa Gregory novel

8. Going to the movies alone (you have no choice when you watch crap like Twilight)

9. Sipping tea out of a fancy, rose-painted teacup

10. Writing scathing film reviews of terrible movies (for example, the fourth installment of Twilight)

11. Lurking in health food stores, reading the labels on everything and harassing the staff

gameofthrones12. Watching Game of Thrones until 3am

13. Devouring freshly popped popcorn covered in coconut oil and pink Himalayan sea salt. Pairs nicely with #12

14. Obsessively googling my latest celebrity crush like a crazed stalker (right now its Kit Harington from Game of Thrones – the dude who plays Jon Snow. But next week it will be someone new)

15. Traipsing about in a long, grey cardigan, disintegrating bedroom slippers and grey sweatpants (sometimes done in conjunction with #14)

16. Petting horses at the Summer fair. I love doing this!

17. Last but not least…..shopping for Tarot decks and books on Amazon. If being hopelessly addicted to acquiring new Tarot decks is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

Okay, now its your turn πŸ™‚ Dish your top 3 (or more) guilty pleasures in the comments below….and don’t hold back!!!

53 thoughts on “What’s YOUR Guilty Pleasure?”

  1. Hello! I’m totally new to tarot but I have been reading my own oracle cards for a few months now. I pulled my first three card spread last night and it was rather exciting (although I’m still figuring it out!)

    Here are my guilty pleasures (in no particular order):
    1. browsing Etsy for tarot and oracle decks
    2. Lie ins (even though I tell people I’m an early-riser!
    3. Cadbury’s Twirl chocolate bars
    4. Coffee flavoured chocolate sweets
    5. The Jackson 5
    6. Budgeting like a crazy-person at the end of each month.

    There are probably more but I can only think of those 6 right now!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Michelle!
      I love #2 – I always suspect people claiming to be early risers are lying, LOL!
      And #6 is interesting – that seems the opposite of pleasurable – maybe you should be a bookkeeper or accountant or personal finance coach or something!
      Good luck with your Tarot studies πŸ™‚

  2. Love your list, Kate.
    I would never let you go to the movies alone…even for crappy twilight πŸ˜‰

    1- Game of Thrones. As long as George Martin leaves Tyrion and Daenerys alone.
    2- Watching/reading about conspiracy theories….any!
    3- Wondering why we in the UK don’t get that pretzel chocolate over here.

  3. In no particular order. Plus I must say, Kate I think we are kindred spirits. Movies alone popcorn with coconut oil, (try adding crisp fried jalapeno slices. and bacon bits, Game of thrones so many similarities.
    1. Daily Tarot Girl Blog, and videos
    2. French press coffee
    3. Sipping chocolate like a melted dark chocolate bar with a dash of cream
    4. Buying new books and underlining passages most recent The four agreements
    5. Spending the morning zentagling while drinking coffee
    6. Binge watching in order Game of thrones, walking dead, Hell on Wheels
    7. Crushing on Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels
    8. Writing Poetry
    9. Lusting over Tarot decks that Kate has so loving introduced me to the crystal visions !!!
    10. Moon baths in the full moon
    11. Listening to Phantom of the Opera while I try to work
    12. The morning Tarot spread where I feel and hear the conversation with the universe.
    13. A date night spent at home with a good cabernet, brie, french bread, prosciutto wrapped peaches.
    14. dancing by candlelight
    15. picnics
    16. splurging on new make up
    17. tickets to a great concert
    18. going to an art opening
    19. a message
    20. a mani-pedi

    1. Teresa! So many great guilty pleasures here – I agree, we are kindred spirits πŸ™‚
      Zentangling is so much fun – I did it recently in an art class. And did you know Anson Mount was in a Britney Spears movie about 15 years ago? I don’t remember the name of it, but it might be worth checking out for a laugh!
      Thanks for sharing your guilty pleasures!

  4. 1. Your website!!
    2. Searching for hour glasses which I collect (I have from 3o minutes all the way to 4 hours)
    3. Binge watching TV series
    4. Searching for antique or vintage tarot decks

    1. Those are some pretty awesome guilty pleasures, Corinne – and unique! I’m incredibly flattered that my site is number one!!!!

  5. 1. Collecting crystals
    2. Youtubing chiropractor videos (Dr. Ian of Chiropractor excellence in Australia and Ace Thayer of SOCAL chiro USA)
    3. Keeping up with the kardashians
    4. Reading celebrity gossip

  6. Young at Heart

    Looking for new tarot decks whenever time permits, reading blogs and watching videos via YouTube on tarot, visiting bookstores only for tarot decks!

  7. Guilty pleasure, eh! Where to start? Here’s a few of mine!

    Reading the Biggles books! I love reading, especially the Inspectors Rebus and Montalbano novels, and a current favourite is the Hellequin saga, but if no-one is looking out comes Biggles!

    Rosie Thomas music. My friends think that all I listen to is stuff by Runrig, Steve Hillage, Peatbog Faeries, Ozrics Tentacles and such like, but I love Rosies’ music, the simplicity and sentiment. Big fan of Kaki King too.

    Cary Grant and Fred Astaire movies. Great on a wet Saturday afternoon.

    Storms, especially thunderstorms! One of my friends once said that he thought I had some of Thors’ genes in my dna! Would explain a few things!

  8. Hi there,
    I don’t feel guilty for any indulgence I my life
    I do have a top 3 list without apologizes:
    1. Hopeless romantic- married times and I still
    Love men. I find them to be like sweet and
    Sour pork… keep coming back for more.
    2. I love to eat gourme food. My favorite is
    any food that smells great then I’ll try.
    My favorite beef Argentinan black angus
    My favorite wines: Chabils and Malbec
    My favorite cheese :Brie
    My favorite ice cream : Gelato
    My favorite bread: artisan
    3. I believe in God beyond logic and I talk
    to Angels daily. I love living on the edge
    Of traditional society….. It gets lonely
    But it beats bordom. I indulge in living
    Life a bit more everyday. I have a few
    regrets but wtf life moves on.
    Last, I love browsing your website . I like how
    You teach and your openness. I better for it.
    Thank youuuuu

    1. Thank you Isabel for sharing your guilty pleasures….for which you don’t feel any guilt over!!!! Love that πŸ™‚
      I agree with you that living on the edge of traditional society makes life more interesting.
      Here’s to all eccentrics!


  9. Hello Kate,

    1. My guilty pleasure is to sit alone in a couch and being served by someone for all my life… πŸ˜€
    I love free time alone so much that I sometimes wanted to run away from my loving son… πŸ˜€ He is adorable and sweet… But I want some me time…

    2. I wanna eat all the chocolates and ice creams I can get, without putting on weight…

    3.Wanna watch some erotic movies alone… πŸ˜€ never seen one… ha ha ha…

  10. I am sooooo glad you all buy Tarot decks!I spent years with only one.Then in the last 12 months I have 13!How did that happen?! And I can’t even read Tarot without a book.Personally,I think Tarot decks are actually aliens from outer space, and they hypnotise us into buying them…yeah,that must be it.My other guilty pleasures are weird(my family tell me so anyway),like:
    Listening to African gospel music on you tube-they have such beautiful harmonies and I just make up what they might be singing about,since it’s not English.And they always sound so happy.
    Chilling out at the beach,especially when I feel sick or am going through issues.Very healing for me.
    Rosary beads…I love them,and have a small collection,although I have never prayed a Rosary in my life.
    Christine Feehan’s vampire romances.THE best vampire series’ ever!
    Watching Tarot readings on you tube,especially abroomandthemoon’s.(And your channel too Kate!)
    Life coaching videos on you tube(yeah I live for you tube-it’s better than T.V) and of course the mother of all positive thinking books-Louise Hay.
    My rose tea(white tea with rose petals by madame flavour)-I sometimes finish a cup and immediately pour another because I haven’t had enough.
    Yoga videos.Maybe one day I might actually try doing some of the asanas.
    Laughing! I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people who like to laugh as much as I do.People can be so darned funny sometimes!
    And I think that’ll do for now.Love your teaching videos Kate, am looking forward to your on-line courses.I might work up the courage to try one….if I can pry myself away from all my guilty pleasures!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Angela, your guilty pleasures totally cracked me up and I can relate to most of them – youtube is a huge addiction for me! I also love Louise Hay’s books and fancy teas. And the rosary bead collection is an interesting one – I can definitely see the appeal in that one πŸ™‚ And don’t feel weird about all your Tarot decks – you are in good company! Thanks for sharing these.

  11. Hi Kate!
    My list is endless but some examples
    1. Eating at night when i cant sleep and not even remembering what or how much i ate.
    2. Drinking too much coffee. Some people are emotional eaters, I am emotional coffee drinker, i want to amplify every emotion with coffee.
    3. Reading books and watching films like: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings (ultimate fav), The Twilight, Game of Thrones….you name it
    4. Obsessed with Dexter (my favorite monster)
    5. Having a crush on James McAvoy
    6. Buying way too many crystals and tarot cards

    1. Oh yes – late night snacking! The best guilty pleasure there is, in my opinion. And James McAvoy…agreed! He is hot.

  12. Hey Kate,
    1. watching your weekly youtube videos so addictive, if i don’t watch it throws of my whole routine.
    2. watching harry potter and charmed anything that is with magic I love..
    3. reading and writing both are my favorite pass times.
    4. writing blog entries
    5. my radio show is my favorite thing every week
    6. a guy in my ethics class that I am currently crushing on so cute.
    7. demi lavatos new cd demi so good
    8. cooking anything new love to cook
    9. learning anything and everything metaphysical
    these are a few of mine !!!

    1. Alex, I love your guilty pleasures! πŸ™‚ I just checked out your radio show and subscribed…put a show on my ipod to listen to tomorrow while I do laundry. I feel honored that my weekly videos are on your list!

  13. Amy Auset Rohn

    This is so great!!! <3 all the responses…here are my top 3:

    1. Russell Crowe…doesn't matter if no one thought he could sing in Les Mis…who cares! He is pure eye candy!!
    2. Yes, I, too must admit to FB creeping on someone I crush on … shhhh! It feels good to not only remember the shared connection but sometimes it is nice to release the hurt, too
    3. Did I mention Russell Crowe?! lol Seriously…
    3….Shania Twain's CD "Up" Love the songs, the lyrics, the music…it all just fits and makes me want to dance!

    Thank you so much for sharing this post! Wonderful!!


    1. The nice thing about your guilty pleasures is you can do them all at once – creeping on Russell Crowe’s FB page while listening to Shania’s album!

  14. Love this Kate! You are a star “guilty pleasure” student πŸ™‚

    I’m thinking you know most of mine from the class but here are some:

    – Watching movie trailers and then furiously trying to find the music in them (there are actual forums for this!)
    – Downloading movie trailer music and listening while I exercise (and come up with new plot lines that would feature me as a character…obviously πŸ™‚
    – Spending hours in bookstores perusing the teen paranormal and erotic fiction sections.
    – Visiting farmer’s markets and getting immediately caffeinated by some delicious organic brew – then buying a bunch of things I have no idea how to cook.
    – Dancing around my house pretending I’m in a hip-hop video for Jay-Z

    1. These are great!!! I concur on the farmer’s market thing….I buy so many weird veggies and then they just rot in my crisper because I don’t know what to do. Browsing the erotica and teen paranormal sections in my local bookstore used to be a fond pastime of mine, until all the other perverts discovered it – the last few times there have been creepy guys loitering in that area, so I stay away now!

  15. Hi Kate!
    Favorite guilty pleasures….not an exhaustive list! πŸ™‚

    1) Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly – Tarot and oracle card readings on Youtube! I used to follow Doreen Virtue exclusively, but have since found several readers that I enjoy (like you). I love it when the readings are similar!
    2) TLC shows: Extreme hoarding, Long Island Medium, little couple
    3) coffee…coffee…and ginger peach tea (not at the same time)
    4) Creeping FB pages of old friends, boyfriends – girlfriends of old boyfriends…
    5) Regular Youtube Vloggers such as: Daily grace, You Deserve a Drink, My Drunk Kitchen.
    6) Red Wine
    7) cacao nibs in my banana smoothies
    8) True blood….Can’t stop watching, no matter how many reality barriers they break!
    9) people watching in the park: I make up dirty and/or dangerous stories – very amusing !


    1. I love those hoarder shows! Until I see remnants of myself in them, then I have to shut it off πŸ˜‰
      #9 was interesting….I will have to try that one!

  16. Kate,

    Wonderful direction to take the blog! Enjoyed your list and all of the comments.

    1) Anything Tarot! I love doing readings, purchasing new decks, learning more about, and reading others’ thoughts on the Tarot – like your blog.
    2) Pretty much anything Paranormal – I love writing paranormal fiction, watching and reading paranormal stories, and learning more about such through non-fiction books and such.
    3) Singing along with ’80’s music – Love, absolutely love – Prince, Bon Jovi, Madonna, and the list goes on. The ’80’s was a wonderful time for music and movies, in my opinion.
    4) Watching romantic comedies that pull at your heart strings. (Can love really be as wonderful as they portray relationships on the big screen. I mean ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’, does such things really happen?)

    1. Cher! I too love 80’s music – I just watched Rock of Ages the other night (well, the first 20 min then I shut if off because it was crap. But the music was good!)
      Oh, those romantic comedies…to answer your question, no, those things never happen πŸ˜‰

  17. I say banish the guilt in guilty pleasures! Life is challenging and the world needs happy people, so enjoy what you love as long as you can!

    “We do not feel proud enough of being alive.”
    – Goeffrey Winthrop Young

  18. LOL-ing on Veronica’s not-quite-mirror list. Hey, V., can you get ME some Daniel Craig action???

    For myself, okay, let’s just start with the obvious …

    1) Obsessive stalking of, review-reading of, and final intoxicated purchasing of tarot decks. There’s this weird SEINFELD episode (okay, I guess the “weird” is redundant once you say “SEINFELD”) in which Seinfeld talks about his Night Self and his Morning Self. It’s his night self that does all the guilty-pleasure stuff–only, in the night, it feels perfectly rational. But his Morning Self is always aghast at what he’s done in the night. That’s me when I see the note in my in-box from Amazon saying, “You ordered … tarot deck”! (Right now, I’m awaiting the SHAKESPEARE ORACLE, AND I’m going out tonight to B+N with full intentions of picking up a copy of the DECK OF A THOUSAND SPREADS.)

    2) Staying up until three in the morning reading tarot blogs and chasing rabbits down internet rabbit holes.

    3) Cyber-stalking the guy who played drums in the band I was in in my 20s. I was sort of crushing on him, although I married the guitar player. Now, sometimes, I go poking around looking for images of him. Of course, if Veronica can get me set up with Daniel Craig, I may let this one go …

    Of course, reading your blog is a Daily Pleasure, but not a guilty one.

    1. Jamie – I can totally relate to ALL of these! I stayed up til 3am last night on the interwebs – can’t even recall why! I do remember that Seinfeld episode and that is totally me – I definitely have a “night self” and a ‘day self”. I suspect Veronica does not actually know Daniel Craig personally – I think all those hot late night hookups only happen in her head. So sad…

  19. Love this idea, Kate! I also love Philippa Gregory books as well!

    1. Stalking Tarot Decks online and buying them!
    2. Stalking Metaphysical Shops online and wishing I could buy it all!
    3. Eating junk food while doing both of the above! Ugh… πŸ™‚

  20. #1- Tarot. Studying it- reading books about it, researching online, watching youtube videos, trying out spreads,etc.. Oh and checking out other decks. (I ordered another deck yesterday! Yay!) I spend a large part of my day doing this. Love it!

    #2- Watching anything funny on TV while having dinner. I know… maybe dangerous (choking hazard) but I love it and look forward to it everyday. πŸ™‚

    #3- My recent is going for a walk with my mom. Our “exercise” but we stop and smell the flowers and do some bird watching. We’re like The Fool when we go for our walks

    1. Erica, your guilty pleasures are so wholesome! I wish walking was one of mine πŸ™‚ I suppose it kind of is – I like listening to podcasts and going for 2 hour long walks sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

  21. 1) Ian Somerhalder from “The Vampire Diaries”
    2) Tazo “Awake” Black Tea (like 4 cups a day!!!)
    3) Anything metaphysical, “paranormal”, psychic, etc.

    Yay life!

    1. Good ones! I also love hot guys, tea and the paranormal – funny, because they really have nothing in common!

  22. – finding south park hilariously funny
    – drinking way too much coffee
    – buying tarot decks πŸ™‚


    1. Ian, I remember when I was in high school and South Park was new and considered incredibly shocking, I used to stay up so late watching it. Good times!

  23. #1) Keeping a pint of gelato or ice cream in the freezer at all times

    #2) Watching The Real Housewives (all except Atlanta)

    #3) Listening to music while getting ready for date night (and singing loudly, pretending I’m the lead singer in a band. The last part I’ve been doing since I was a child!)

    1. Love your guilty pleasures, Erica! I sometimes sing loudly when i am in my car (where no one will ever hear me) – particularly to Alanis Morisettes “You Outta Know”.

  24. Veronica Noir

    Since I am your evil twin, my guilty pleasures are practically identical to yours. Well, almost…
    1) Camping out all day in metaphysical bookstores and then going home to buy the books on Amazon
    2) Watching Elvira: Mistress of the Dark over and over and over again
    3) Napping inappropriately – at work, during baby showers, at family dinners
    4) Cappuccino cheesecake!
    5) Bellydancing on restaurant tables (lookout Denny’s, here I come!)
    6) Dancing naked to Reggae music in my kitchen with the blinds open
    7) Reading smut in the bath at 2pm
    8) Laughing maniacally in a crowded theatre at the β€œromantic” parts in an unfunny romantic comedy. It ruins it for everyone!
    9) Sipping Gin and Tonic out of a styrofoam cup in a Motel 6
    10) Writing scathing reviews of terrible movies (anything with Meg Ryan will do)
    11) Lurking at Costco, trying to get extra food samples
    12) Watching Game of Thrones until 3am
    13) Eating mini donuts at the fair
    14) Booty calling Daniel Craig on a Sunday night
    15) Traipsing about in black, thigh-high leather boots and cracking my whip
    16) Collecting paintings of horses
    17) Buying weird crap on ebay in the middle of the night – like chakra tuning forks and Isis Wings

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