Knight of Cups Wedesday: Be a Dreamy Romantic Today

knight of cups tarot card
Crystal Visions Tarot

The Knight of Cups gallops into the scene, like a knight in shining armor. Although he actually is a knight in shining armor…and he’s even carrying a bouquet of flowers and a goblet of wine (or something).

This guy is a diehard romantic and he is here to remind you not to let this part of yourself fade away. Don’t stop following your heart and living life like its an adventure. Some may say your airy-fairy, but who cares?

When deciding where to go or what to do today, listen to your gut feelings and your heart’s desires. Today is the day to let your chattering mind take a backseat and go on pure intuition. Life is way more fun that way!

If you could be this romantic, unicorn riding knight just for today, what would you do differently? Let me know in the comments below…

2 thoughts on “Knight of Cups Wedesday: Be a Dreamy Romantic Today”

  1. Kate–

    Good morning! I’m kind of flirting around on Facebook in a Knight of Cups-ish sort of way. Just sending out feelers for connecting with other tarot folk, putting my heart/takes on the cards out there. I feel a lot like that guy looks …

    Thanks. I do love that CVT.

  2. I will let go of ties to conventional wisdom and free myself to ride, fearlessly into new vistas.

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