Do It Your Way ~ Message from Saint Germain Oracle Card

Today’s oracle card message is Work Your Magic! and it comes from Saint-Germain. Focused intentions, a clear mind and connecting your heart with everything you do will serve you well today (and any day for that matter).

But I always snicker a bit when I pull this card. This rendition of Saint Germain reminds me of this guy I used to go to college with who would always pride himself on passing all his classes by putting in the least amount of effort possible. And he got high a lot.

I used to regard him disdainfully, but now I see that he was actually achieving all his goals – better yet, he was doing it his way. So I feel this card is telling us that having goals and a vision is great, but when you set out to achieve things in your own unique way, that is when the magic happens!

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7 Responses to Do It Your Way ~ Message from Saint Germain Oracle Card

  1. Jamie Morris says:


    You are working YOUR magic with your funny, personal take on the cards. I love a good story to help me cement a meaning in my mind, and your doobie-smoking St. Germaine-look-alike will totally help me hang on to this one!

    You rock, Magic Girl.

  2. Antonio says:

    This reading was the perfect dose of what I needed. Opened vistas, unblocked issues.
    Last night in a passing conversation about gossip, someone came up–the person you tell something you want repeated.
    Her name triggered a memory: she had told my then wife that if I only applied myself more, partied less, I would get places… The implication was of course that I was less than I could be.
    The thought stopped there… This morning’s card brought a realization:
    I was happy, still am, but more importantly I have been “connecting [my] heart to everything I do.”
    As a passionate Scorpio it could be challenging!!!

    • Kate says:

      That’s awesome, Antonio! Loved your story about the gossipy lady (I know a few myself…sometimes I am that person)

  3. Antonio says:

    @EG So true! And so difficult to remember when all seems stagnant. Thanks!

  4. EG says:

    Fabulous! Right now I’m experiencing this! Sometimes it feels hard, but in the end magic always works!

    • Antonio says:

      @EG. i would like to use your statement “Sometimes it feels hard, but in the end magic always works!” in a very private lesson I am writing for my students, crediting you, of course.
      May I?

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