The Hanged Man: Live in the Now, Silly! (Friday)

Guest Post by Veronica Noir…

hanged man
The Cosmic Tarot

The Hanged Man symbolizes the enlightenment that comes when you stop striving and trying so hard to get somewhere.

It also symbolizes the great ideas that come to you when you hang yourself upside down for an extended period of time. I haven’t tried this myself, but apparently it increases blood flow to the brain and makes you more intelligent. Who knew?

Have you been feeling bored or restless with your life lately? I sure have. And I noticed that when I put my full attention on what I was doing (for example, eating or an afternoon shag), a mundane event became a riveting feast for the senses! No joke!

So today, instead of trying to make something of yourself and move forward in life, let yourself be perfectly still. Enter the NOW! Allow the present moment to exist without condemning it as “boring” and not worthy of your full attention. Oh, and you may have to take a hammer to that shitty iphone to do this properly….just a suggestion 😉

Today’s Tarot reading was a guest post by The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin, Veronica Noir – lover of Tarot, cats and men in their early 20’s. Veronica spends her days eating coffee cheesecake, spying on neighbors and just being her fabulous self!

13 thoughts on “The Hanged Man: Live in the Now, Silly! (Friday)”

  1. Oh, Veronica–

    You turned my understanding upside down! I see things from a different perspective, now. I’m going to hang out with a project that needs my love and attention.

    My project (and I) thank you for the whack on the side of the head.

  2. excellent reading for today, it was brilliant and I loved it fit perfectly with what is going on with me !

  3. Veronica, You fulfill the renaissance goal of making teaching fu**ing fun! The gift of Your readings is their freshness, and deceptive non-chalance–which make them so effective.
    It is difficult to make advice as basic/simple as being in the moment both, entertaining and forceful as You have! Nothing like a “shag in the afternoon” to make anyone be in the present!–I bet Kate’s college classmate “the joint smoking magician” who like Sinatra “did it his way,” enjoyed that present moment often.
    As for hanging–it may not make you more intelligent but it certainly open your vistas—it is upping the ante from being bound and blindfolded. And if gagged, you cannot use the speaker feature of the iphone. lol
    Thank You for make me laugh and think.

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