Oracle Card Reading for Upcoming Week!

Looks like a great week ahead – full of transformation and water!!!!

Have a beautiful week 🙂

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2 Responses to Oracle Card Reading for Upcoming Week!

  1. Jamie Morris says:


    It took me all the way until late Tuesday night to feel like I had the time to give your weekly reading my full attention–and what a beautiful reading it was!

    First, I want to tell you (again) how much I enjoy hearing your voice telling me the reading. It’s really calming and puts me into a different space. I think I absorb your Sunday readings differently than I do any of your other readings during the week.

    Also, with this one in particular, I really loved the way you went back to the beginning and kept weaving in new layers of connection and meaning to your original take. It was really rich and deep and just kept gaining in meaning as you went.

    Thanks so much for this generous service that you provide to us every single day.
    Love and namaste,

    • Kate says:

      Oh, Jamie – thank you so much! That is really nice to hear – and you are more than welcome for the daily readings – I absolutely love doing this!

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