Queen of Swords: Give Your Life the Snip-Snip (Friday)

friday's with veronica

My evil, Tarot reading twin Veronica is commandeering Friday’s on my blog. I am giving her her very own day! Each Friday she will deliver a reading chalk full of horrid advice and inappropriate suggestions. I strongly advise you to take everything she says with a grain of salt…

queen of swords
The Housewives Tarot

The Queen of Swords in this Housewive’s Tarot is a terror with a pair of garden shears who goes around carelessly castrating roses – particularly those with men’s faces on them?!

This Queen doesn’t stand of any B.S. If your not up to snuff, she gives you the snip snip…and she does it with a smile.

Be this Queen today and gleefully cut back what isn’t working in your life.

Job pissing you off?…..phone in sick.

Friend who won’t shut up about her problems?…..hang up on her.

Cable company sends you a notice that they will be increasing your rates again? Phone them and cancel your cable. F**k em. Play hardball.

Think about what you can do without – for me its TV, a cell phone, junk food and newspapers – and cut those things out of your life for a while and see what happens. You aren’t depriving yourself – you’re cutting yourself free.

Tell me in the comments below…what useless crap will you be deep sixing today?

14 thoughts on “Queen of Swords: Give Your Life the Snip-Snip (Friday)”

  1. Oh, Veronica–

    Sad but true, I was the one who was a problem today! And someone else tried to SNIP ME OFF!

    I apologized, profusely, as she’s a dear person, but it just goes to show, that Queen can cut two ways!!


    1. Veronica Noir

      Ah! You were the snippee and not the snipper – not a great place to be in 🙁

  2. Veronica reminds me of Centella Ndoki, whose day is Friday, and who is skillful beyond belief with a sword.

    Interestingly spirit ordered yesterday to “cut off all the nonessential,” including too much TV watching, and streamlining. To do what is absolutely necessary.

    So, snip, snip I go.

    Thanks Veronica,


  3. Too funny and on point! I’m gonna have to buy me this deck. So…today my boyfriend stopped by all stressed out. He was using my laptop which seemed to be stressing him out even more because something is wrong with connection. Watching him stressed me out and I told him that if he continued to mistreat my laptop I will cut his balls off. Hey I said it with a smile on my face! Lol! He looked at me, laughed, and appologized. He chose to keep his jewels and treated laptop nicely from then on. Lmao!

    1. Veronica Noir

      Erica, THIS is what I am talkin’ about! And it worked! Just think how great your relationship would be if you said this kind of stuff all the time – you would get whatever you wanted!

  4. Denise Suttie

    Hi evil Veronica!

    What do you suggest one says to a partner that is pissing one off?

    1. Veronica Noir

      You don’t need to say anything! Actions speak louder than words. Abandon your partner and take yourself out on a hot date – go out to dinner or to the movies. Absence makes the heart grow fonder (or, less annoyed than before).


  5. I just want to say how much I love Veronica. She says everything that I *really* want to say. But don’t.

    It’s so fun and downright satisfying … like a good, after-sex smoke.
    (oops, was I supposed to say that?)

  6. Thank you, I really needed this! Just an hour ago, I liberated myself from an indiscrete neighbour, it felt soooo good! 🙂

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