Dealing with Increased Sensitivity (Tuesday)

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You are becoming increasingly more sensitive – especially over the past two years or so. This is exciting for you, but it can also be exhausting!

As the card suggests, you need to make changes accordingly. You may find that you can’t eat the same kind of foods you used to – like meat, gluten, sugar or dairy, for example.

Or you may notice that you need more “down time” than you used to in order to recharge. Being in crowded places affects you the most and this can either be an energizing or totally draining experience for you.

You have probably noticed that you are affected by others moods and feelings more now than ever before. Use this as a way to connect and help others, but don’t let it take you over and suck your energy. Practice clearing and grounding meditations to help you stay perky and uplifted.

I am really curious how you are experiencing this increase in sensitivity? Please feel free to share in the comment section below:) For myself, I have noticed that I no longer want to eat dairy, sugar and processed foods and my desire to watch TV and movies is steadily declining. My sensitivity to hostility and violence is way stronger than it used to be. And the weirdest part is…. criticizing others (even in my head) just feels draining to me now and not as enjoyable as it used to be!

7 thoughts on “Dealing with Increased Sensitivity (Tuesday)”

  1. Hey, Kate–

    I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I wanted to comment on your thought about criticizing others not being comfortable any more. I’m noticing that, too! I’ve felt much more ready to shift toward a compassionate perspective on others lately–maybe the last six months.

    Thanks so much for voicing this!

  2. Thank you everyone for your comments! Just reading all these comments I can tell I am not alone in this. Its particularly interesting to me how many of us are changing our diets right now. I know there has always been crazy diet trends, but I think this is totally different. There is definitely some big, universal changes going on! It helps to know so many of us are dealing with the challenges of being an empath – which is a gift and sometimes a burden.
    I am so grateful to everyone here for sharing openly and it makes me feel like I am in good company 🙂

    Hugs to all,

  3. Hi Kate,
    gonna forward this to my friend Michelle. We have been talking about this non-stop for the last month or so. She and I are very empathic people, and she has been giving me tips on how to deal with it. I no longer watch violent, graphic movies, eat sugar or am willing or able to soak up folk’s energies. I hate crowds and loud noises. Yep, getting more and more sensitive. Thanks for another great confirmation!

  4. Oh my, Kate! Would you believe that I was just speaking with my hubby this very morning about the fact that I think I must stop eating certain meats and foods (because they make me feel terrible afterwards!) I’ve noticed that many of the foods that are in my typical diet no longer work for me and constantly causes issues more and more often.
    From my diet to my sleeping patterns, seems as though everything is changing so this card just speaks volumes for me!
    Wonderful reading!

  5. Sure is true for me in the last 2 years! Lately I’ve taken a more proactive role in protecting myself from being the Yuck Sucker of the Universe by working on changing some personal habits, the way I deal with others (and myself). Exercise, diet, less internalizing, and the big one: being willing to shut people off when they’re using me as a toxic dump site. O.O

    I’ve noticed a lot of people are being wiped out from this over sensitivity or increase in empathetic abilities.

  6. Hi Kate,
    for me the crowds and noise are now even more overwhelming than before.

    I also have a gluten intolerance and really don’t like any kind of food that isn’t fresh and wholesome.

    I pick up on people’s energy a lot, so have to make sure I don’t get sucked in. Also, far more people are becoming aware that there is more to life than the rat race and making money and getting stuff, which is really great.
    TV holds very little appeal and I am far more aware of when I am judging others and can stop it.
    All in all good,but yes can be very tiring especially around those whose life styles are VERY different.
    Thanks as always.

  7. Lol Same here with watching Tv and movies. As far As Eating I Have A Lot Of Trouble Eating Meat Any More My Body Rejects It Every Time I Try To Eat Any Meat But No Problem With Dairy So Far. So I Have Been Trying To Eat More On The Vegetarian Side But It Is Really Taking Some Getting Used To As This Has Not Been A Slow Or Easy Process To Go Through For Me Lately. O.o… But I’m Sure It Will Get Easier As I Go Along.
    Heather 🙂

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