Take the Touchy-Feely Approach ~ Knight of Cups (Thursday)

knight of cupss
Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway

The Knight of Cups come galloping into your life today to remind you to look at things through the artsy-fartsy, touchy-feely lens.

Be open to the idea that your problems will solve themselves – or that solutions can come about in unexpected ways. You don’t have to have everything all figured out just yet – even though you really want to!

This Knight is a Romantic and he knows there is more to life than the same old, same old – beneath his icy blue armor lies a burning, beating heart. Similarly, you are yearning for something more and today this yearning may reach fever pitch.

Express your feelings to someone you trust and be bold and brave when it comes to pursuing something that others may scoff at. And remember….take the artsy-fartsy approach today.

5 thoughts on “Take the Touchy-Feely Approach ~ Knight of Cups (Thursday)”

  1. My whole yesterday was so freakin’ Knight of Swords and NOT Knight of Cups. I couldn’t turn the tide, I’m afraid to say. Not that it wouldn’t have been lovely to have done so.


  2. LOL…the artsy-fartsy approach! I love it! Kate, I can always count on you to bring such a fresh perspective to the tarot cards. Thanks for this reading. I loved it and it does resonate.

  3. Like the touchy feely thing, no problem with that especially when it is reciprocated!
    That yearning is definitely relevant–

    Thanks Kate, always love to read my daily “fix “

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