Tarot Card for Tuesday ~ Avoid the Temptation of Shiny Objects!


Animal Wisdom Tarot by Dawn Brunke

Don’t get distracted! You are on track, doing well, so don’t give up now. Distractions abound, but keep your eye on the prize and keep trucking.

The Seven of Feathers (aka Seven of Swords) warns that you aren’t at the stage where you should let your guard down and start slacking off!

Do you have “shiny object syndrome”? Do you find yourself getting pulled away from your work very easily? For example, you are busy writing an epic blog post when suddenly you think “Dancing with the Stars is on”, then you start watching it and before you know it you’ve spent all night watching TV.

Procrastination disguises itself in shiny objects – don’t fall victim to its sparkly ploys! Keep focused. The shiny things can wait. They will always be there, trust me!

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5 Responses to Tarot Card for Tuesday ~ Avoid the Temptation of Shiny Objects!

  1. Manashi says:

    You are right when you talk of shiny objects…which I definitely take as a distraction.i took a cue from one of your posts about the book Tarot for Yourself by Mary K. Greer. I purchased the book online. It’s a very engrossing one as it carries a worksheet also along with each lesson…..but my seven of swords has been a game calledCandy Crush…which I time & again get back to reach a higher level & my tarot lesson has to wait…..so there is a lesson there …do not procrastinate….beware of the shiny objects….as you said….these things can always wait….concentrate on the lessons first…thank you so much for the advice at the right time .

  2. Ellen says:

    The internet is one great collection of shiny objects for me. Whether it’s in the posts from others ore interesting articles or video’s or it’s the temptation of online shopping for the perfect deck 🙂

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