Tarot Talk with Christiana Gaudet

I recently had the privilege of chatting with Tarot reader extraordinaire Christiana Gaudet – Certified Tarot Grandmaster and author of Fortune Stellar and Tarot Tour Guide. I had tons of juicy Tarot questions to ask and in this interview we touch on some hot Tarot topics like:

β™₯ Tarot beginners: what you need to know

β™₯ Doing professional readings: how to know when your ready

β™₯ How to interpret a Tarot card in a specific position

β™₯ Do your family and friends hate Tarot? Here’s what to do…

Christiana even shares what it was like to give Tarot readings at a polyamorous community festival!!!! If only my own tarot gigs were this intriguing!

Check out Christiana’s website: http://tarotbychristiana.com/

Leave a comment and let me know which issue/topic really resonated with you πŸ™‚

24 thoughts on “Tarot Talk with Christiana Gaudet”

  1. Thanks girls…It’s a rare gem when somebody addresses the religious orders and the roles they play within the realms of the “real” world…I think that most people who don’t have to deal with that are either fearful of getting tied up with the “traditionalist-machine” (and it can be very intimidating with the sheer mass of the momentum created), or they really lack the skills of ever having to really “bite the bit” and ride the ride. It’s one thing for one or two of your potential clients to raise a little ruckuss, but quite another when the community as a whole is thumping on the book every Sunday and Wednesday…They can really elevate the party to unbearable levels quite quickly…The burning times are not completely a thing of the past…just yet. So I salute you in your address of the subject and especially in your response…you really must fight fire with a bucket of water…not more fire…more fireonly makes things hotter! Love not more hate!!!

  2. Thank you Kate and Christiana for this wonderful video. I found so much that was helpful and so much that resonated with me. I also loved the anecdotes about reading for the polyamorous community. I’m of a nontraditional relationship persuasion myself and I almost fell over laughing when she was talking about doing a reading for a married couple with a collared male submissive. It felt like home, lol. I’ve also often wondered about doing love reading for more divergent relationship groups since that is my community, so it was really great. So much love and blessings for you guys.

    1. Sarah, thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ I really liked the bit about the polyamorous readings too – that was my favorite part of the interview! Funnily enough, right after doing this interview a book that I had ordered through the library ages ago and totally forgotten about finally came in for me – its called The Ethical Slut – have you read it? Its all about polyamory – anyhow, I thought it was a funny coincidence!

      1. I have a copy of the Ethical Slut proudly displayed on my shelf. It is an amazing book and not just for polyamorous folks. It contains a wealth of wisdom about communication and intimacy that can apply to any relationship. I think you will really enjoy it.

  3. Olivia Destrades

    This was a wonderful interview! I shared it on my FB page. Great point about how some cards can give us “intuition overload.” πŸ™‚

  4. What a wonderful interview! You had great questions, and Christiana had such passionate answers! Your site has really inspired me to continue to explore my cards.

    1. Yes! That’s what I want to hear!!! That’s the reason I started my website πŸ™‚
      Glad you liked the interview – thanks for letting us know.

  5. Thanks Kate I really enjoyed the interview with Christiana.I look forward to all the help I will get from her website. But we must thank you for your part in extending our wings into Tarot learning especially as there is not much in that field in New Zealand, yet.☺️

    1. You are very welcome, Denise πŸ™‚ Yes, Christiana’s site has lots of great info on it – I have learned a lot myself. That’s interesting that Tarot hasn’t taken off in New Zealand yet…but it will, its only a matter of time.

    1. Dear Kate and Christiana,
      For the last year I have been a free Biddy Tarot reader – after studying the Rider Waite deck for two years prior. The most relevant part of the interview for me was about “knowing when to turn professional”. I have been wanting to take the experience from my free readings (, which I think has accelerated the development of my intuition and card knowledge to the point of doing paid readings. I have found that I get about 90 – 95% positive feedback for my free readings – that is giving my the confidence – now I just need the “push”. Thanks for sharing such a great interview!

      Mary Jo

      1. Thanks for commenting, Mary Jo! Knowing when to turn professional is tricky and it’s something that most readers struggle with, I think. I know that for me, I doubted myself for a long time, but your absolutely right when you say that practice and experience boosts confidence.

  6. Hi Kate!

    Thank-you for the interview! (And to Christiana as well.) It was really nice to hear her perspective. I really liked the idea of “reflecting love” when met with hostility (or just disagreements/ignorance in general). I think that is something I could use more of in my life, and try to work on manifesting my frustrations in a more positive way.

    With this interview in mind, I wanted to find out more about your tutor mentoring. How is a session conducted? I’m interested in creating a tarot blog or basic website that could transition into a platform for reading professionally one day. I’m also interested in gaining more experience in reading for others. I would love your feedback or advice, and a walk-through of the process of how to get started. Would this be something you’d be able to help with? Thanks!

    1. Hi Chani,
      I’m glad you liked the interview!
      Yes, I can definitely help you with all the stuff you mentioned.
      My Tarot Mentoring sessions are done over the phone or Skype. Basically, you just need to let me know what you want to focus on/discuss (I may ask you some clarifying questions to get a better idea of what you want from the session) and then we book a time.
      Contact me here if you have any more questions πŸ™‚

  7. Wow…I’ve been thinking about getting her book “Fortune Stellar” in the past few days! I had to hit pause very early in your interview and order! Lol! I’ll be diving into this book tonight! Great interview and great info. Thank you for sharing!

    1. That’s awesome, Erica – and a funny coincidence! You will enjoy her book – it has a section in it where she answers all those tough questions you probably have about doing professional readings – it really helped me πŸ™‚

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