Chatting Tarot with Melissa Cynova

I’ve wanted to interview Melissa Cynova for years, ever since people started telling me about her book Kitchen Table Tarot and how awesome it was. But I never got up the nerve to reach out to her until now, since we are are both teachers in this years Tarot Summer School. It was worth the wait! ♥

Listen in on our conversation as we chat about first Tarot readings, least favourite Tarot cards, difficult readings, how our relationship with the cards changes over time and so much more…

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Astral Travel & Mind Witchery with Jessi Huntenburg

Join me as I chat with Jessi Huntenburg aka The Mind Witch! We discuss astral travel, mind witchery, the power of receptivity, tarot and how recent events and the current reality has shaped her spiritual practice.

Having deep conversations like this is such a treat and I hope you enjoy it too….

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Tarot, Starseeds & Intuition with Vix the New Age Hipster

Join me as I chat with Vix Maxwell aka the New Age Hipster – Tarot & soul reader, teacher, author and oracle deck creator. We talk Tarot, Intuition, Starseeds, Life Purpose and….Riverdale?!

Vix was such a joy to chat with and honestly, I could have talked to her for hours. So grab a drink, get comfy and listen in on our chit chat 🙂 …

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Tarot & Spellcrafting with Ethony Dawn!

Join me as I chat with Ethony Dawn – Tarot reader, teacher, author, creator of Tarot Summer School and headmistress of the Tarot Readers Academy. We talk Tarot, spellcrafting and so much more!

I was excited to dive into spellcrafting with Ethony because, although I’m a little rusty in that area, it’s a topic that has fascinated me ever since I cast my first spell over 13 years ago. Ethony had tons of great advice and insight in this area and I think you’ll enjoy our talk as much as I did….

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Astrology & Tarot Chat with Nadiya Shah

Join me as I chat with Nadiya Shah – Astrologer, author, TV & internet personality extraordinaire! We talk about astrology, Tarot and everything in between!

Nadiya was such a blast to chat with and it’s gotten me kind of pumped to learn more about astrology. Feel free to listen in on our chit chat…

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YouTube channel:
Syncronicity University:

Chatting with Will from Atypical Tarot

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Will from the Atypical Tarot YouTube channel. Will is a Tarot enthusiast and fellow Tarot Summer School teacher (his course on the Thoth system, which I’ve just started, is fantastic!)

I absolutely loved our conversation and I think you will too!

In this interview, we discuss…

Tarot & Relationships – what if your partner isn’t into Tarot?
the Thoth Tarot deck
Astral travel and other dimensions
Technology and it’s impact on our spiritual connection
and so much more!

Will’s YouTube Channel is HERE.
Check out his course on the Thoth system right HERE.

Interview with Sasha Graham!

I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Tarot superstar Sasha Graham! Sasha is a Tarot teacher and writer who teaches and lectures all over the world and is the author of several Tarot books and decks including 365 Tarot Spreads, the Dark Wood Tarot and the upcoming Magic of Tarot.

In this interview, Sasha reveals…

why the popularity and interest in Tarot has exploded over recent years
how she uses Tarot in her day to day life
what she wishes she’d known about Tarot when she was a beginner
how to approach a reading that doesn’t make sense
her bad Tarot reading experience
and so much more!

Check out Sasha’s upcoming Tarot Summer School class 9 Keys for Deeper Meaning & Exuberant Magic!

Learn more about Sasha Graham and her upcoming events, classes, books & decks on her website:

Chatting Tarot with Sasha has given me a burst of enthusiasm for my own Tarot practice and it’s renewed my curiosity for exploring spells and tarot rituals. I hope it’s inspired you on your Tarot journey as well 🙂


Interview with Psychic Judi Jamieson

I had the pleasure of sitting down with psychic Judi Jamieson for a fun and fascinating conversation about psychic development, negative entities, weed & other drugs, crystal dildos, orgasm manifestation and more!

And yeah, it was ME who brought up all these weird topics! Don’t blame Judi.

♥ Judi has a free gift for you! Learn 30 ways to open your psychic & intuitive gifts.

Judi’s links:

This interview is the first in a series – if you enjoyed this interview and would like to hear more about these topics (or other topics), let me know in the comments below!

Daily Tarot Girl

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My Interview with The Tarot Lady!

Theresa Reed (aka The Tarot Lady) has this awesome Tarot podcast, called Tarot Bytes. Each episode is a short, bite-sized Tarot lesson on various Tarot topics, featuring different guests.

And guess what? The most recent episode features MEEEEE! And I’m talking about how to use Tarot for “inner work” or, as I like to say, how to discover your Secret Self with Tarot.

I loved chatting with Theresa and loved how we ended up discussing one of my favorite topics – cults!

You can listen to this episode right here and you can check out other episodes over here.

Interview with Carrie from Happy Fish Tarot

I can’t wait to share this interview with you!!! I got to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while – sit down with one of my favorite Tarot girls, Carrie from

We had a great chat about learning Tarot, Tarot coaching, favorite Tarot books and bunch of other cool stuff that I know you’ll love!

You can find Carrie here:

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!