Interview with Brigit from

Join me as I chat with Brigit about Tarot cards and Tarot card reading!

Brigit Esselmont is the founder of – a fabulous Tarot website. She is an intuitive Tarot reader, teacher, author and dream manifester who is passionate about business and helping aspiring Tarot pros.

In this interview we discuss:

Advice to Tarot beginners: how to learn without overwhelming yourself
How to have a deeper connection with your Tarot cards
Going pro: how to know when your ready
Steps to becoming a professional Tarot reader
Starting your own Tarot blog

You can find Brigit at:

Learn more about her Soul Meditations program:

Soul Meditations with Tarot

Sexual Energy & Intuition: Interview with Allie Theiss

How does sexual energy influence your intuition?

How can you boost your sexual energy to improve psychic senses?

Join me as I talk with Allie Theiss, professional Sex Coach, 6th generational intuitive and author of Out of Body Ecstasy!

Allie’s website:

Allie’s podcasts:
The Passion Zone
The Allie Theiss Show

Allie’s show:
Amore with Allie

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Exploring Your Intuition: An Interview with Dr. Cara Gubbins


Join me as I chat with Cara Gubbins about intuition and intuitive development!

Dr. Cara Gubbins is a Spiritual Intuitive, Animal Intuitive, and Pet Medium. Her research has been featured on CNN, the BBC, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Specials.

In this interview we discuss:

What intuition is and how it works

How to connect with your intuition (even when your feeling stressed out or upset!)

Is it your intuition or just your ego/thoughts/fears? How to tell the difference.

Blocks to intuition

How to access intuition via dreams

Check out Cara’s Intuition course:

Free download! 11 ways to access your inner guidance:

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Tarot Spreads! Interview with Sasha Graham, Tarot Author

Join me as I sit down with “Tarot Diva” Sasha Graham as we talk about working with Tarot spreads, her B-horror movie career and her new book 365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day.

We cover all kinds of  awesome Tarot topics, including:

Advantages to using a Tarot spread

Sasha’s tips for connecting the cards in a reading (these are good – take notes!)

Doing Tarot parties!

Predicting the future with Tarot – is it possible?

The one thing that B-horror movies, bellydancing, painting and Tarot reading all have in common…

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day will be out May 8, 2014 and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

You can find Sasha Graham at and on her Tarot Diva blog.

In the comments below, let me know if you have a favorite Tarot spread to work with and what your biggest takeaway from this interview was!

Tarot Talk with Christiana Gaudet

I recently had the privilege of chatting with Tarot reader extraordinaire Christiana Gaudet – Certified Tarot Grandmaster and author of Fortune Stellar and Tarot Tour Guide. I had tons of juicy Tarot questions to ask and in this interview we touch on some hot Tarot topics like:

Tarot beginners: what you need to know

Doing professional readings: how to know when your ready

How to interpret a Tarot card in a specific position

Do your family and friends hate Tarot? Here’s what to do…

Christiana even shares what it was like to give Tarot readings at a polyamorous community festival!!!! If only my own tarot gigs were this intriguing!

Check out Christiana’s website:

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