Tarot, Starseeds & Intuition with Vix the New Age Hipster

Join me as I chat with Vix Maxwell aka the New Age Hipster – Tarot & soul reader, teacher, author and oracle deck creator. We talk Tarot, Intuition, Starseeds, Life Purpose and….Riverdale?!

Vix was such a joy to chat with and honestly, I could have talked to her for hours. So grab a drink, get comfy and listen in on our chit chat 🙂 …

Check out Vix’s new course Intuitive Tarot.

Vix’s Links:
Website: https://www.newagehipster.co/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/newagehipster333

1 thought on “Tarot, Starseeds & Intuition with Vix the New Age Hipster”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed this interview, questions and perspectives! I could easily relate to both of you and did appreciate your different approaches and twists.
    A quick note about dreams. I took long time ago a workshop on dreams with Alex Tanous, psychic and medium. He indicated that we could re-write our dreams or complete our dreams if we wanted to. For example, if we’re dreaming and we know we’re dreaming (being in 2 states, half dreaming, half lucid), we can take the opportunity to re-direct the scenario; if we feel, our dream was cut short, we can set our mind to go back to it another night to complete it. It’s a question of practice, of course. I find it helpful to re-align my daily living to what my subconscious/higher self is telling me or tries to!
    Thank you again!

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