Chatting Tarot with Melissa Cynova

I’ve wanted to interview Melissa Cynova for years, ever since people started telling me about her book Kitchen Table Tarot and how awesome it was. But I never got up the nerve to reach out to her until now, since we are are both teachers in this years Tarot Summer School. It was worth the wait! ♥

Listen in on our conversation as we chat about first Tarot readings, least favourite Tarot cards, difficult readings, how our relationship with the cards changes over time and so much more…

Check out Melissa’s new course Exploring the Major Arcana

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2 thoughts on “Chatting Tarot with Melissa Cynova”

  1. Appreciated hearing this interview, Kate! I’ll be checking out Melissa’s book.
    It was inspiring to hear you are dabbling in thoughts of creating your own Tarot deck… and the inner critic that comes up. 🙂 I’m about 29 cards into creating an animal oracle deck that will have the major arcana archetype as part of it. Whew- my inner critic has been talking big time. lol. But I’m forging ahead, and I hope you will too!

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Barbara! I’m so glad you enjoyed this interview with Melissa and I’m excited to hear about your deck creation journey – I was on a roll at first, creating a card a day but then it came to a halt, so now I must get back into it as I was finding it was actually a relaxing thing to do in the evenings. Best of luck to you with your animal oracle deck ♥

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