Veronica’s 3 Rules for Being More Fabulous

fridays with veronicaVeroncia is my evil twin/alter ego who writes awful Tarot readings on Friday’s. She loves sneering at happy couples, eavesdropping on her neighbor’s fights and ignoring everyone on Facebook. Yes, she is totally evil…

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Anna K Tarot

The Six of Swords reminds me of my favorite super-bitchy spiritual saying “wherever you go, you take yourself with you.”

We all know some jerk who’s always spouting off about how this place sucks and why it’s way better someplace else.

Or maybe you do this.

Have you ever found yourself day-dreaming about having a different job, romantic partner or body?

Well guess what?

It’s easy to romanticize something that you don’t have to encounter every fucking day. The reality is never the juicy utopia of your fantasies!

And here’s the bombshell…if your not awesome, your surroundings never will be.

So if you find yourself in a state of transition, which the Six of Swords suggests, don’t get your panties in a twist trying to change everything and everyone around you.

Instead, transform yourself. Be more fabulous.

But how?! you ask.

Veronica’s Rules For Being More Fabulous

1. Stop going on Facebook. It’s just people’s boring wedding and baby pictures anyway.

2. Start using cash to pay for things….and always keep it stuffed in your bra (or jock strap).

3. Read smutty books in the break room at work and conduct live “readings” whenever possible!

Yep, just three rules. Should be simple for you. Good luck 😉





15 thoughts on “Veronica’s 3 Rules for Being More Fabulous”

  1. I agree- the fantasy often ain’t the reality. I feel like people do the same thing with positive and negative cards in the tarot! I’m actually going to do a future blog post on that. It’s like, “I got the Sun. I’m gonna be so happy and everything is going to be just perfect with the person of my dreams, even though they ran off to Vegas with someone else and got hitched, and just stole all my money… But that doesn’t matter. I got the Sun! This card can’t possibly be bad.”

    Well, this person may be deluding themselves for one, and two, try looking at the Sun from the perspective of a pedophile. Puts it in a whole ‘nother light. 😉 Thanks for the reminder to be more fabulous!

    1. Chani, you should do a post exploring the bad side of the positive cards – it would be a real downer, but I bet it would be fun to read!

      1. Oh no fears, Kate! It’s going there. *cue evil laugh* I actually came up with a 2-card spread for it, so there will be some choice examples for positive cards behaving badly. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion! I may explore it further in a later post.

  2. Reading smutty books in the break room. ^_^ that sounds like a winner for me! lol! any book I’ve been dying to read really sounds good actually, but when I’m feeling a little adventurous, smutty works. 😉

    1. Actually your right – reading any book out loud in the lunch room would be funny. I remember I used to work with a guy who would read the Bible out loud on his lunch break. It got everyone majorly pissed off, which was hilarious! I think he was just trolling everyone, looking for a reaction!

  3. haha, very lovely! I liked the rule nr.2 – “…and always keep it stuffed in your bra…” 😉 Maybe I should…!

    Have a wonderful weekend Veronica/Kate! 😀

    1. Yes, rule #2 is very important…unless you have really sweaty boobs in which case it can ruin money! But it’s still worth it for the looks you get when you whip out a 20 from your cleavage at the grocery store.

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