Let’s talk Tea Leaf Reading & Tarot with Tabitha Dial

I have always been fascinated by Tea Leaf reading, so I jumped at the opportunity to talk with the lovely and amazing Tarot and Tea Leaf reader Tabitha Dial.

We talk about all kinds of fascinating issues, such as:

  • How to read your own tea leaves
  • Love symbols in your teacup
  • The challenge of reading for people you know
  • What if your intuition is wrong?

Tabitha’s website: tarotandtealeafreadings.com

Tabitha’s Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TarotandTeaReadings
February special: 10% off, discount code: LOVE10

Recommended Books:

Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners by Caroline Dow

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards by Rae Hepburn


9 thoughts on “Let’s talk Tea Leaf Reading & Tarot with Tabitha Dial”

  1. Tabitha!

    This was great! You’ve got so much enthusiasm AND so much knowledge. I loved how responsive you were to Kate’s questions, opening them up to develop the line of thought even more.

    Very dynamic interview–informative and so much fun!

    Hugs to both,

    1. Thank you, Jamie.

      This was a comfortable and organic interview.

      I’m so pleased with it that it now gets to sit on my website, on the page that gives an idea of who I am.

      An honor.

  2. I love this interview! I’m a tea enthusiast, and a bit of a connoisseur, and tea leaf reading is something I’ve wanted to learn. My main things are pendulum dowsing and tarot/oracle card, but I’m drawn to tea leaf reading as I said, and palmistry as well this was really helpful. I’d actually like to eventually offer tea leaf readings along with tarot. I think Tabitha may have gained a new follower. Thanks for a fun interview! (I also have a vague interest in pyromancy- fire reading- that’s the only other one, ha ha.)

    1. Chani – I’m glad you enjoyed this interview! I am also drawn to palmistry – that’s another thing I’d love to learn. I’ve never heard of pyromancy, but I DID have a dream last night that I was on fire…maybe it’s a sign? 😉

      1. Maybe it’s a metaphor, friend, about how your passion for life is aflame?

        Thanks again for this experience. Sitting down with you was so enjoyable and natural.

    2. I most appreciate the comments! And I hope you enjoy your adventures in tea, Chani, wherever they take you.
      I’m honored to have your attention and hope you’ll let me know how your interests and abilities in tea leaf reading come along. When you visit my site, you’ll see a link to my blog, and the About page has various ways of staying in touch via your social media of choice! 😉
      — one of my favorites is Instagram. I like to share photos of tea leaves and include possible interpretations. I have a lot of fun and get a bit silly with it.

      1. Thanks, Tabitha! (and you too, Kate!)

        In my sickness haze, I completely missed the rest of this conversation. I’ve looked at your site and blog, and will definitely back that way eventually. I have a bunch life stuff and getting back on track with my own blogging happening, lol. I’m following you on the tweets tweets in the meantime! <3

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