Tarot Challenge: What do YOU think this means?

Pretend you’re doing a reading for a man named Leonardo Rambucco – a dashing man with sexy, Latin looks and an air of mystery about him. He wears a cape (which would be weird on most people, but for him it totally works) and has a magnetic gaze.

He says “I am a magician who performs at children’s parties, but my dream is to have a big show in Vegas. What do you see in the cards?

You shuffle your deck and draw…..

death & high priestess
Universal Waite Tarot


Death and The High Priestess!

Now here’s the challenging part. You absolutely must NOT say anything discouraging to sexy Leonardo, but you also must NOT sugarcoat this reading either. Your goal is to give him some good advice that will help him on his path.

So – how would YOU interpret these cards and what would you tell him? Please share your interpretation in the comments below!

26 thoughts on “Tarot Challenge: What do YOU think this means?”

  1. Endings and new beginnings as The Death card indicates. Letting go of your past and moving forward to a brighter future. Look how the children swoon at his feet, he was a big hit as a child’s magician capturing young audiences with awe, but now The High Priestess steps in. Leonardo Rambucco is about to learn from the High Priestess new magic, hiding behind her veil are magician secrets that are only available to a selected few to learn and perform. This will be available to him to learn and perfect as he looks to the future career in Vegas.

  2. Ok, Leo.
    You want a transformation in your life. And a big one. But something is hold you back.
    Do you really want to perform at Vegas ? It’s time to really think deep about it. You perform at children party. And it seems for me that they love you. And now they begging you to stay at their party. Well, I’m not sure about their parents. It shows in the card that they are dead after seeing you perform. Maybe they feel you are too hot to perform at their children’s party. And the guy with weird hat. Who is he ? Probably he is part of you who tell you to stay because he just worry about you. Will you make it and bla…bla…bla. But the girl is giving you a code to go. She’s like giving you a sign ” go over there”. So all that makes you torn inside. And now is a good time to do some soul searching . There are parts of you that you haven’t discover. And when you find those parts you really need to be honest with yourself. Is it really that I want ? Or may be, I can make a good combination between Vegas and Children ?

  3. I would say the idea of taking yourself a step further is nice but will require a lot of effort on the way up . I interpret death card as a new beginning . So Leonardo should focus on his dream and start working on it carefully . A female cooperation is indicated and it will be wise to connect with her on this journey .

  4. Leonardo what an extraordinary journey you are embarking on as you transform your audience from children to adults. There is much work to be done as you transcend onto the Las Vegas scene. You will draw both from your masculine (Death Card) and feminine (High Priestess card) energies as you will need to balance both parts of you to create an act that will thrill your audience. Thirteen represents forming a brand new operation starting at the foundation level and working your way up, Two represents cooperation and partnership so you may be adding someone to your act I would guess a female who would be a brilliant asset to your new endeavor. The female could be part of your act, a spiritual counselor, an agent, or someone that is put in your path. I see a lot of planning, experimenting, and revamping with help from a female who with her intuitive abilities will be able to guide you through this magical journey.

  5. The death card says you are at the end of your children’s party days, time to step away from your comfort zone and start making moves toward your end game of a Vegas show. Maybe an influential woman could be of some assistance to you . I see a flourishing career if you will follow your excitement and don’t be afraid to stumble.

  6. “You need to take time away from the childrens’ parties to perfect a show that will ‘knock ’em dead’ “, as Vegas will draw a more varied group of people which will require a whole different venue.

  7. Thank you to everyone who has left a comment and shared their interpretation of these two cards – I am really enjoying reading everyone’s comments!!!!

    The Daily Tarot Girl

  8. A transformation is in store for you, but one that is fraught with peril and hardship. You want to make this career change, but are frightened about the outcome. If you really want this change proceed with caution, it will be both difficult and painful to realize your dream. But the transformation can be achieved. What you desire requires knowledge that will not be given to you, but knowledge that you must come to on your own. Don’t look to others to give you the magic tricks you need to be successful. You will need to plumb the depths of your own psyche and created your magic act on your own. Magicians who are already successful at this job will determine if you are worthy to pass and enter their secret society.

  9. Jillian Taylor

    I would say initially that the High Priestess represents an idea that has not made it to existence. It’s just a thought in which the person has not given birth to yet, however the number 2 regarding The High Priestess refers to a fork in the road and the reason the idea has not come into play is the person is afraid to either make a decision in fear of making a mistake. Since the Death card is next to this card I would then say that this idea which is of great concern to the client is dead or can not survive. This person should let this idea go because it will not benefit the client.

  10. There is a big change coming to Leo, but it will be one that deals with relationships and emotions rather than career. Travel over water is possible; care of a child and/or loved ones may be involved. He is going off into unknown territory; emotions will be strong, but he will get through it if he keeps his head straight and relies on spiritual strength. There could be a romance, but it may be one-sided on his part. Leo will have to take things one day at a time. Things may not be as difficult as he initially thought.

  11. Leonardo my dear friend, your life is filled with mystery and change. If you plan every detail and wait for the timing to be right, your dream can be a reality. It looks like you will be making changes to your techniques and applying new costumes with hidden pockets and state of the art designs. Death resides in the path that connects Tephareth and Netzach on the tree of life. These pillars stand for beauty and eternity and are both in the world of Assiah – which is the element of “air”. Netzach is the right pillar of Jachin which also appears on the high priestess card. This means that you will receive the gifts of your magic from your inner temple and each performance will have a spiritual significance in the lives of those who watch the show. Your Death defying acts which send the thrill of mystery into the hearts of those who are witnesses and you will transform your performance into living art. You will integrate the ancient mystery teachings of those who mastered this craft before you.

  12. I see him as the Rider in the Death card – but not knowing that he is that rider. I feel the energy coming from him is that he is on the ground as one of the people in front of the horse – unsure of how to get up on that horse and make the change he wants to make in his life. He is actually one of the obstacles in front of the horse instead of the rider – being able to go right through anything in front of him. So the Death card is his path to understanding that any changes he wants in his life will have to happen with him at the helm – in the drivers seat. The High Priestess in this reading to me actually looks like a “show girl” with one of those big headdresses on. I see this card as his intention card. The card that emulates where he wants to be…in Vegas, in a big show, playing a big part. I would suggest that he focus his attention using visualization on where he wants to be as a way to manifest that in his life. I also think that he might have some fear associated with this desire – I see it as something he really wants, but might be afraid to truly express it for fear of failure in actually achieving it. The lesson for him is that the wanting of it, the desire, is nothing to fear. Sometimes, it is that which we most desire, and hold at a distance as an unobtainable is what actually keeps us stuck. So I see this more as a over all trend in his life; in that this reading is not just about the end result and success of actually working in Vegas, but of overcoming his fear(s) to actually try and achieve it. Not to allow his own insecurities about his ability to achieve anything he desires to hold him back, and to always remember that the doors that “open” have to be opened in his mind first.

    1. MJ – I love your interpretation here! Especially how you read the Death card and saw the High Priestess as a showgirl πŸ™‚

  13. The Death card marks the end of a natural cycle; the High Priestess calls us to look inward. Now is the perfect time for Leonardo to think about the next phase of his life.

    Sometimes goals become such a part of us that we forget to reevaluate them. Every so often we have to check in with ourselves and ask, “Is this what I really want? Or am I just used to saying it?” If Leonardo really wants to take his magic career to the next level, the time for a change is approaching (Death). If he feels like performing has gotten stale or stagnant (more “what he does” than “who he is”), it might be time for some serious soul-searching (The High Priestess).

    Either way, a major cycle of Leonardo’s life is coming to an end, which means a new cycle is about to begin. Getting in touch with himself — how he’s grown and changed, what he wants and needs — is a good way to transition into that bright new beginning.

    Thanks, Kate! Fun and challenging, as always πŸ™‚

  14. Hello Kate.

    I see change coming…a definite end to a part of Leonardo’s life as he knows it right at this moment. But at this time, what lies ahead is not being revealed. Perhaps things are not ironed out just yet and will be revealed to him when he is ready. At this point, things look as though they are mysterious, secret, or just simply not for him to know right now.

  15. I would say to Leo that a big career change is coming up for him. He will be doing something that definitely will be more connected to his dreams and desires. I seen him doing the magic show but in different level where he is connected more with his intuition and real self. It’ll be a big opportunity for him to rediscover himself and find his truely self following his true desires.

  16. Greetings Leonardo, in all of us we have a path the we decided to chooses or we don’t, you have chosen yours, however upon accepting your dreams, you must let go of other things, other unnessaries, we all face death, and in this case it is you moving beyond the small childrens birthday parties and moving forward amd upward into a newer, brighter and more positive life, Alife that you have spent so much time trying to create, there may be many challanges alongthe way, aome you mat see as challanges but are blessing in disguise, never glance a blind eye over anything, look,evaluate, ponder and if its not for you let it go, but dont ignore or bruch aside

  17. Leo,Your struggle will end now and there will be new hopes and beginning of your career if u plan accordingly and believe in your intution and take the good decisions when oppurtunities arrive.You will get growth and prosperity when u take the decisions after observing each and everything.

  18. Yayhhh I have missed the challenges.
    Death comes in many forms old dreams for instance must die for new more fulfilling dreams to bloom and flourish. It is in the process of old dreams dying that you find yourself. Do not fear the process. The high priestess with her wisdom and vision are at your side. She is the balance of all life creative and material, she is our inner vision as well as our self critic. The priestess is present in this reading to remind you that the Universe is here to give you wise council. You just have to choose to listen to the voice that speaks strongest to your intuitive mind. It isn’t that there is a right or wrong answer it is only the answer that makes the most sense to you. Allow yourself to see fully the path necessary to take you to your highest dream, what is the first step on this path. The priestess asks you to look deeply into your heart there the path is written there the first step is set out before you. As you take that first step on a path your inner self has already walked you will see the tracks of each step to come. In this way you are following yourself to your true dream. To see each step each track remember to feed your higher Spirit it too only wants the best for you.

    1. Teresa, this was so beautiful! Thank you for taking part in this and sharing your reading here πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoy these so much!!!

  19. From what you’ve chosen to share with me, Leonardo, your desire to change directions from performing magic at children’s parties to a bigger venue is in the early stages. You feel the energy to make a change, but to be successful, you will need to sacrifice and devote time to develop your magic to the level necessary in order to command a Vegas stage forum. Take time to grow and nurture your magical talents to build your dream. Perhaps there are other considerations you have?

  20. Dear Leo,

    I can see in your cards that you are ready for something new. You are in the midst of transformation, letting go of old aspects of your life and preparing for a new chapter.

    This time, this limbic time, is very important for you. Though you may not experience a lot of change on the outside right away, you are changing immensely inside. Make space and quiet in your life to give you time to tune inward.

    When you are in touch with your intuition you will get very clear, unambiguous signs when it is time to make changes on the outside.

    Also, by getting to know yourself better now, you’ll be able to follow the best path for you when life does start to change.

    So, my advice for you is to be patient. There is A LOT happening… but it’s inside you. This is very valuable work and is preparing you for your dreamy future.

  21. Well Leonardo, it is clear you are on a path to a new career or to start something new, but have you given much thought to what it is you want to do? Dreams are great, but have you yet uncovered what it is you are really good at? You need to sit down and reflect upon you next move as you are heading towards new beginnings. After performing at children’s parties you should be good at comedy, think about it….. kids, parents, their behaviour etc.

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