Why glue guns = enlightenment

veronica 2Veronica is my evil alter ego whom I let take over my blog on Fridays. Between martinis and cigarettes she dishes out advice – some terrible, some brilliant. Let’s see what she has to say about the Eight of Pentacles….

8 of pents
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Today is the day you will become fully present and attain spiritual enlightenment.

Maybe only for 15 seconds….but it still counts!

The Eight of Pentacles is all about doing some activity that helps you get to that empty brain place where you just aren’t thinking about anything at all.

Annoying “spiritual” people try to do this through sitting on a special meditation cushion and holding their fingers in a particular way….pffft!

The same results can be had by doing arts and crafts. So paint a picture of some boring flowers or do a sketch of an exciting, sexy person! Or glue gun the shit out of something.

Once you stop fretting about the artistic merit of your creations, you will find that your mind stops its incessant chattering. Thank fuck!

11 thoughts on “Why glue guns = enlightenment”

  1. I don’t know which is more exciting about this post: Finding yet another person who agrees with the notion of making crap as a road to enlightenment, or finding out Veronica and I are barking up the same tree about the 8 of coins/pentacles. Knitting needles, glue guns, braided whips…don’t mess with a maker in a dark alley 😉

  2. Hey, Veronica–

    I KNOW you’ve been going through my underwear drawer . . . but it also seems you’ve riffled through my Good Intentions List, as well. I have a fantastic glue-stick-able project just WAITING for me to sit down and attend to it, but I’ve been way too–um?–unfocused to attend to it.

    Not any more. I’m ON IT!

  3. Thanks Veronica, spot on as always. Sounds like its time to go write some erotica, artistic merit (and good taste) be damned. 😉
    -Sarah Dawn

  4. My little fast reading in response to this was:

    situation = two of pentacles;
    what to do for best outcome=eight of pentacles; and
    outcome=ace of pentacles.

    To me that sums up your post, that the eight of pentacles as meditative absorption, to use the elegant Tibetan Buddhist term for not dicking around in a mind-cluttered non-present way, brings the balance-attempt two into the unified and full-of-potential ace. You know? It makes sense to me. Thanks for a cheery little post that makes sense–

  5. I am going to do just that to idle that constant chatter in my brain. I’m getting the fuck out town with my son and going fishing and whatever else fits our fancy!

    1. Perfect! Fishing is a wonderful way to clear the mind. I’ve never been, so I don’t really know, but it looks like it would be calming!

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