Delight in destruction!

VeronicaVeronica is my evil twin and Tarot reading queen! Each Friday she gets to share her cheeky wisdom on my blog. Let’s see what depraved insights she has about The Tower…

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Remember when you were a kid and you’d spend all day making a sandcastle, just so you could watch the tide come in and destroy it?

Life is kind of like that, but now that you’re all grown up, you get attached to your creations and throw a shit fit when things start to crumble and collapse….but you could be squealling with evil glee, if you wanted to!

Job losses, marriage breakdowns, the appearance of wrinkles and greying hair – all these things can be met with wild delight, if you’re in the right frame of mind.

So….are you getting upset about something merely because you think that’s the response you’re supposed to have?

Maybe those horrible events don’t have to cause you suffering after all?

Another way to see this card is to see it as an exploding, fiery phallus, with little people being spewed out the top. Either way, I think The Tower is a real gem of a card 😉

8 thoughts on “Delight in destruction!”

  1. I really like that note about considering if you’re upset about something just because you think you’re supposed to be!


  2. Luv this! The Tower is scary but not always the worst card ever. My best story/ experience w the Tower is one of great hope actually 🙂 I was going thru a brutal time personally re: my partner. I mean AWFUL. I was scared to death of the future and what was going to happen to us. I was looking to the cards for solace, hope and most of all good news. I kept getting the Tower over and over, almost daily. It was terrifying and excruciating bc I thought it meant the end of everything I knew at the time. I was so afraid we were going to break up that for a while I stopped using the cards. I couldn’t take the Tower showing up ALL. THE. TIME. I was so scared of it, I put the cards away and lived in denial. The next time I asked about my future w him…BOOM! the Tower showed up again. I finally gave in and accepted it and believed the cards knew something. This was November.

    Fast forward a month later…..we patch things up in December and seem to be back on course. Crisis averted! We were gonna be OK. And, I kept thinking Ha Ha Tower card, you’ve got nothing on me. I thought I dodged a bullet.

    End of January just on a whim, we go to look at house for sale. We hadn’t looked at any other houses but knew we wanted to move within the year and decided we had to start somewhere. We went just for fun. ( see where this is going??)
    That night we put an offer on that house and moved into it two months later. BOOM!

    That Tower card knew exactly what it was doing 😉 So, the lesson here ( IMO) is the card of great change and upheaval can being telling us many things that aren’t going to hurt us or make us miserable bc of change itself. I am more then happy in my new house and “not broken up” w my partner 🙂

    Thanx again Kate for the great posts!! Lisa xo

    1. Lisa, thank you so much for sharing your experience with this card! This is such a wonderful story and a great illustration of how The Tower can mean different things and it doesn’t always have to mean traumatic change, like we typically assume.
      I love to hear happy stories with nice endings 🙂


      1. My pleasure! I think it is a lesson well learned that the scariest cards don’t always want to the pull the rug out from underneath us. The change of the move was a HUGE upheaval and brought its own challenges for our relationship but it didn’t mean the worse case scenario which is what I feared….and what others do too. Most days during that time I think I knew The Tower was trying to telling me something other then what I thought it was but I was so consumed by fear that I couldn’t SEE or hear the message it wanted me to see. The Tower itself could have waved at me and I would have seen anything else but fear BC of fear. I keep this in mind now whenever I am scared or afraid. Don’t be paralyzed by fear. It was a life lesson for me xo

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