Tarot Challenge: What advice do you have for someone stuck in a love triangle?

It’s been ages since I’ve done a Tarot challenge on my blog, and it feels like now is a good time! Here is your situation:

It’s a hot Summer night and you’re sitting outside at your local, late night cafe shuffling your Tarot cards and flipping through your new Tarot book. Suddenly, a total stranger sits down at your table. He’s tall, lanky and wearing those weird hipster glasses that everyone now thinks is “normal”. He has a creepy Leave it to Beaver style haircut and he smells like strawberry shortcake.

“I’m in the middle of a torrid love triangle,” he confesses to you, “and I need to know what I should do.”

As you begin shuffling your cards, he gives you the dirty details…“I have been madly in love with my best friend Damien’s ex-girlfriend Jane for three years. She has reciprocated these feelings – well, sort of. I think she might just be using me for sex, but I’m okay with that. Anyhow, Jane has recently got back together with Damien and now we have to keep our love a secret. I am not really sure how to proceed – do I stay with Jane and tell Damien? Do I continue sneaking around? Or do I break it off with Jane, even though she’s the love of my life?”

You lay out three cards….

dame darcy tarot
Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot

Based on this stranger’s situation, how would you interpret these Tarot cards?
Please share your interpretation in the comment section below 🙂

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Here is my quick and dirty interpretation of these three cards:

"Well, mysterious stranger, the Knight of Pentacles tells me that you're a creature of habit and you like to proceed carefully in everything you do. Part of you might be tempted to not do anything right now because you don't want to rock the boat and cause chaos in your life.

However, the 10 of Swords indicates you are feeling majorly stabbed in the back! And rightly so. It sounds like you haven't really acknowledged your hurt over the fact that Jane has taken back up with Damien. Part of you knows that if you do acknowledge it, how you feel about Jane will change dramatically.

The Ace of Swords seems to be encouraging you to take the initiative and change things. Stop hiding and pussy footing around! It's time for you to be honest with yourself about what you want and what you will not stand for. It's time to turn over a new leaf and start doing things differently from now on. I feel that this Ace denotes a fresh start - a new beginning in your life that quite possibly does not include Jane. But only you can know that for sure.

Out of the three options you presented, which one feels the most empowering and liberating for you? Do that!

I’m looking forward to reading your advice for this mysterious stranger!!!

11 thoughts on “Tarot Challenge: What advice do you have for someone stuck in a love triangle?”

  1. What a bind!! It appears one of you is a knight of Pentacles and thus cheating is not in your moral code. So it appears this needs to be handled as someone is going to be hurt, betrayed, and feel “stabbed in the back” Is that you, or would it be Damien? It appears to be a situation that will end badly. So do you give up your values for Jane or do you fight for her and try to get Damien to step aside? There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, cause it is always darkest before the dawn. You are now seeing that it is true that Jane is actually just using you and will keep using you if you let her. Is that worth doing what is right? That alone is more hurtful than you are admitting. There is light at the end of this tunnel. The dawn is coming, a new day and it will become easier to see what to do. There is a new life force on the horizon. Some powerfull call to right action and thought. If you,tell Damien you have been betrayed by Jane, and she is going to do the same to him, you could at least keep your integrity. After all, that is who the Knight of Pantacles is. Clear the slate and start on a new footing of friendship and sharing of communicatione. It will be a breath of fresh air after the stale night of betrayal. Then you can all make your decisions basedon facts and not illusion.

  2. Seems like the cards are telling him to slow down and ‘hold his horses’. He already knows the painful, life altering truth, the object of his affection does not share his depth of feeling. It’s in his best interests to cut his loses and move on. He was never in the kind of relationship with her he wanted to believe he was and needs to take the time to come to terms with the truth of the matter. He’s being asked to call on his inner knowing that it’s for the best.

    Is the Ace of Swords also telling him it’s time to ‘man up’ and be totally honest with his friend about the fling? Or is Jane about to fess up? He may also be dealing with his friend feeling betrayed and not speaking to him for a while. He has put himself in a completely unworkable situation…

  3. The cards show the option of you laying your cards on the table so to speak and taking the “loyal” road. Meaning, ending things with this woman even though you may not want to. It seems like it’s going to be a bit of a slow and painful process that drags on. In the end, although it will be painful, you will come out of this feeling better by having cut ties with this “relationship” and not having to sneak around behind your friends back. You will come out with some pain but also some dignity and respect.

  4. Ah..The eternal triangle! Well, going right into the heart of the matter, this situation simply has to end. The ten of swords is screaming it out loud. As the knight of pentacles you are moving slowly towards the end..gradually and so I believe, it should hurt you little when the break up finally happens but in all likelihood things will just fizzle out rather than end through a dramatic showdown. And it will feel good to emerge from this darkness into the clarity of the Ace of swords which promises a new beginning, alone but wiser. So just move apart, meet her less often and eventually go your separate ways..she’s back with Damien already..another sign that this was not meant to be between you and her..so move on Knight!

  5. I just so happen to have my beautiful Dame Darcy deck laying in the bed right beside me lol.
    The quick and dirty short answer is while he still has an element of control in this situation, he needs to exercise it and stop this madness.
    The Knight of pentacles is making me feel like he is searching for something that simply does not exist and is not possible in this particular situation. You want something that he and his partner work toward building something that creates a sense of stability and structure. This was built completely on anything but that. The royal family of the earth element is usually indicative of people who operate on the basis of honor and integrity. Which perhaps may be who he naturally is in spite of the lack of those qualities in the situation. And this night of pentacles is writing directly into the 10 of sorts, he slowly but surely moving toward a very devastating outcome where no one will win. The betrayal is going to come out. For me the ace of swords is like the universe kicking you out of your comfort zone, it’s the winds of change are blowing you into a new direction that’s going to take a lot of courage because it’s forcing you to clear out bullshit that’s been in your way.
    The other thing I notice is what’s missing here, no cups, no wands. To need that shows both a lack of any real emotional connection or depth and the lack of happiness.
    As painful as it may seem to him, he needs to in this situation before it blows up in his face or he gets caught up in an emotional undertow of mind games.

    1. Wonderful reading, Krysten! I like how you noticed the lack of Cups and Wands – that totally makes sense. Thanks for sharing your wisdom here 🙂

  6. This is my take on the reading

    The knight of pentacle is a Capricorn or Virgo person . Can be him or her.this person is very responsible. Someone in this relationship feels stuck and I guess that’s him. He is scared and is looking into the future. He is a stable person and wants to make money and this kind of has him feeling as if he’s at an Impass in life.

    The 10 of swords shows that he feels he’s in a bad state in life. Her going back to him has affected him even though he didn’t want to be bothered and be detached. Her leaving him has given him some enlightenment. This relationship ended even before it can start. He is broken hearted cause he actually has started feeling something. But now is realizing how he feels hence he needs advice.

    The ace of swords shows the decision he will make. The change will come only if he let’s it go with her. Change comes from a new star. He needs to get rid of the past and cutting things off with her which will benefit her.

    Overall he needs to move from this situation 2 swords came in this spread which shows he is feeling very confused and he want to run. He should be careful cause it can affect his health mentally especially.

    Hope this makes sense.

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