Kinky or lazy? You decide!

veronica 2Veronica is my evil twin/alter ego and queen of Tarot. She has everything I don’t….copious cleavage, hordes of boy toys trailing after her and a hankering for day drinking. The only thing I have in common with her is we both write about Tarot for this blog!

eight of swords

Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot

Does being tied up and blindfolded actually turn you on? Or are you just looking for a good excuse not to do anything today?

The Eight of Swords is all about lying to yourself that your hands are tied and you have no choice, because you don’t really want to be powerful right now. It just feels a little too….difficult.

I hear you! Living your dreams and transforming the planet is kind of exhausting at times. But guess what?

You didn’t come here to watch Vampire Diaries re-runs, munch banana-caramel-crunch-chocolate bars and buy stuff on Amazon.

Oh, wait. That’s what I did all day yesterday. Let me rephrase that.

You didn’t come here to only do those things. You are capable of so much more. So untie those wimpy ropes that represent bullshit excuses and lift that blindfold so you can see things clearly – you’ve got places to be!

Tell me (in the comments below)…..what non-lazy thing will you be doing this weekend?

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8 Responses to Kinky or lazy? You decide!

  1. Rosie says:

    Gosh! I have a super-busy weekend.
    Firstly it’s Thanksgiving here in Canada and I have three dinners to go to in two different cities. And I need to bring things to the last two, but I’ll be travelling on Sunday (and going to a dinner pretty much as soon as I arrive).

    I’m also a student and I have a midterm on Tuesday as well as on Wednesday and then a project due on Thursday. So I’m pretty busy this weekend. No time for blindfolds and bullshit over here!

    • Kate says:

      I’m in Canada too, Rosie! So I’m celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend at my mother in laws place. I also have a project due and a big test on Wednesday. And a TON of reading to do for school – so my weekend sounds a lot like yours 🙂
      Good luck and have fun!

  2. 'Ho says:

    I will be drinking tea with your angel twin, Veronica!!! So…kinda kinky, I suppose.

  3. Teresa says:

    Blessings of Cake and Ale to all,
    What a great pep talk from Veronica! I love the idea in this card it really is a card of owning our excuses. A year and a half ago it came up a lot for me. (long over due ending of a marriage.) Now a much better interuptation via Vampy Veronica. Greatly due to the fact that I have shed all of the ties that bind and ripped off the blindfold grabbed a sword and run to join the frei. I will be volunteering at a local art foundation in my area, and for the first time ever I have a pen and ink drawing in the juried show. (Calling the elements) A tarot based piece!!! Next weekend for the foundations wine festival I will be reading tarot. So Yes no more hiding indeed!
    You both are such an inspiration to me. And I concider you my far away mentors!

    • Kate says:

      Teresa, that is such an honor!!! (to be considered your mentor – along with Veronica). Good for you for submitting an art piece – that is fantastic! And a Tarot art piece no less – your awesome 🙂

  4. Antonio says:

    Hi Veronica,
    Have You thought that maybe being tied and blindfolded is the safe space from where to see the truth!? Inactivity that leads to Wisdom?!

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