A filthy cure for impatience!


Veronica is my nefarious Tarot reading twin sister and she’s here to dish up some mystical advice like never before!

7 of pentacles

Anna K Tarot

It’s time to get dirty!!!! No, not like in that desperate/gross Christina Aguilera video….even better.

The Seven of Pentacles is about patience, but it’s also about actually involving yourself in something. Like when you start a craft project and before you know it it’s 3am and your covered in glue gun goo and sparkles!

Impatience is time-related and it’s a symptom of not being in the NOW. The easiest way to nix impatience in the bud is to throw yourself into a project – roll around in it, breathe it, smear it on your face and stuff.

Since you live in a culture that tries to distract you every five seconds with total bullshit, being focused and deep in create mode is one of the most subversive, bad ass things you can do!

And if you don’t have a project to throw yourself into, just throw yourself into life! Walk barefoot on the linoleum, toss your hand sanitizer, throw caution to the wind! Be willing to get a little messy – everything’s way more fun that way 😉

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3 Responses to A filthy cure for impatience!

  1. katharine phillips says:

    yes it is quite timely for me, just drew a pyramid lay yesterday, slowly working through all cards, today I am doing TRANSMUTATION , it talks about the snake and it shedding skin, next is Approval and the last is expansion, the first was dominance , then Realization and Accomplishment, finding it magical how there is so much alignment and validation going on. Spoke to a guy yesterday and he sent a message to say an upcoming energy blast is on its way for everyone, so exciting.

  2. Tameko says:

    Love this message today!

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