My Updated Tarot Deck Collection

A few years ago I made a couple videos about my Tarot deck collection and since then I’ve been bombarded with requests do make a new one that includes my new decks (since everyone knows I have no self control when it comes to getting new decks!).

So….in this video I share all the decks I have acquired since my last deck collection video. I know I am missing a few – I still have some unpacked boxes in my basement which most likely contain some decks and of course this video didn’t include all the oracle decks I’ve gotten – so I will probably have to do another video at some point to include those ones!

And if you missed my previous deck collection videos, here they are:



So now that I’ve shared MY deck collection, tell me about yours! In the comments below, tell me what decks are in your personal collection?

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4 Responses to My Updated Tarot Deck Collection

  1. Greetje says:

    I love these video’s about your Tarot collection so much! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Marianne says:

    Love your Dame Darcy Tarot and Animal Tarot Decks!

  3. Michele says:

    Kate I have a huge library of cards. I’ll have to come back to this with my list! Xoxo

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