Focus on the Negative (just for today)

VeronicaVeronica is my evil twin and fellow Tarot reader. She banged out this reading on her laptop in between episodes of daydrunkeness, so I hope you like it!

five of pents
Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson

There’s pleasure in misery and no one depicts it better than this mopey owl in the Five of Cups who seems to be dwelling on her busted eggs and ignoring the good ones just so she can whine endlessly about it to her friends later.

Ever wonder why you tend to focus on the negative in your life and ignore the positive?

Ever wonder why you remember that one person who was a total dick to you today but you’ve already forgotten about all the boring nice people?

It’s because you want an excuse to be a bitch to everyone….as if you needed one!

Whatever you do don’t focus on the positive. That’s for average people with no imagination. Artistic creativity always emerges from endless bitching – or is it endless hardship?

So focus on what didn’t go right with your day – talk about it, gossip about it, dwell on it, re-imagine it in a more painful way or even write a piece of short fiction about it. At least no one will be jealous of you!

6 thoughts on “Focus on the Negative (just for today)”

  1. I heard you talk about Veronica during the summit and I had to come and check her out.
    I love her!!! Thanks for letting her post on Fridays 🙂 Hope she’s having fun wherever she is this month.

  2. Hey Kate! A simple and clear explaination indeed. The 5 of cups reminds me of the comfort related to the misery, it is easy to be just get bogged down, frown and hopelessly give up. The number 5 ( numerology)also reminds me of feelings, to just be in the comfort of misery as you rightly said- whine as much. it takes the risk and effort to get up and cross the bridge , look to the other side, which seems a bit risky! Interesting , as I see it all the 5- cups, pentacles, swords, wands does show us conflict. What is your view on it?

    1. Yes, you are right. The fives all show conflict. Actually, if you group all your minor cards by number you will see repeated themes in most of the groups, although it’s really obvious in the fives.

  3. Hey Kate! An apt and simple explaination but don’t we all love our comfort zone of sometimes loving to be in our misery… Is the 5 of cups a reminder to get out of it?!

    The 5 prevails a lot in our feelings , how we move on is always upto us. Eventually it’s our gut feeling that makes us cross the bridge to end the misery:)

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