Tarot Reading for Sept 5 – 11

A powerful week ahead! I can’t wait!

I’m using my Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot for this reading….

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Have a fantastic week!

3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Sept 5 – 11”

  1. Since it is the end of this week for this reading, I’d say this has been right on for me. I too see 9 in this reading and we are in a 9 9 9 weekend. 1 and 8 equal nine, and 18 equals 9 and 9 + 9 equals 18 which equals nine, so in a way this is a triple 9 reading too. Maybe through this week, there will be an ending/completion of a cycle and then a beginning. A decision being made that will have liberating and healing effects. Letting go of limiting self beliefs from deep within the subconscious would be awesome!!!
    I see a pattern with the bookend cards showing that there is more positivity near or while in water, while the central card shows heat or a lack of water, lava maybe. Maybe meditate while soaking in some nice water or take a trip to water near you and meditate. I’ll do that, and have been ‘thinking’ that it’s a good time to add a simple and easy meditation practice back into my daily routine. So, at least 10 or 15 minutes, whatever I can stick to, seems great. Thanks… I see that the next reading is up too. Yay!!!

  2. Interesting Kate! The power of the mind and struggle with the flow to express it is what I see … The ace of swords, giving a lot of ideas to start with( lot of mental activity), which moves towards more chaos as eight of swords just doesn’t let you see the water ( the flow just below your feet) and your mind is all charged up with negative thoughts. And I see the ideas getting lost somewhere with the Moon card; the subconscious also asking you to focus your your thoughts . The numbers also strike me with the beginning of an idea, and the movement towards eight , which is like moving towards the end and right to the end we have a 9 ….the end of a phase, culmination of an idea probably with more clarity and direction.

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