The joys of being unproductive

VeronicaVeronica is my evil twin and Tarot reading superstar! She’s been spending these dreary Fall days cooped up with a dirty book, eating leftover Halloween candy….leftover because she refused to answer the door to trick or treaters. Why waste good candy?

tarot of the pagan cats
Tarot of the Pagan Cats


You know what isn’t celebrated enough? Unproductivity.

Sure, it’s great to be epically creative and to occupy one’s time with noble activities, BUT…

Being unproductive lets you step out of the rat race and stop destroying the planet for a second.

However….are you unproductive because you’re bored? Or because you like practicing the fine art of leisure?

The cat on the four of cups seems to be saying “fuck thiiiiiissss. I couldn’t give two shits about another golden cup. Bo-ring!”

Boredom lets you know that something is amiss in your life. Being unproductive is your way of refusing to give any more energy to something that sucks.

So don’t apologize to anyone for being useless…you know what you’re doing!

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