Stressed? Sad? Anxious? I made a Tarot Spread for you!

Most of us feel stressed, depressed, worried and sad from time to time….and judging from my social media feeds over the last two days, many people are feeling this way right now. So I thought I would create a simple, three card Tarot spread to help anyone who is feeling crappy.

Normally I say “don’t read Tarot for yourself when your upset”, but that’s usually when we most want to do a reading – when we’re feeling hopeless and powerless.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep an open mind and see solutions when in the grip of fear, depression or anxiety, so I’ve created a guided meditation to help you get into your “heart space” and calm your mind. Give it a listen before you do this spread if you feel like you need to.

Listen here



Center card: The Heart of the Issue

  • The underlying issue that's causing you stress or sadness
  • The deeper issue that you need to address
  • What's really going on here
  • Your part in this
  • An unmet need (especially if you get a positive card)

Draw this card first to get some insight into the real issue behind your stress. This will often point to the deeper reason for your stress or sadness.

Often we think we're stressed about one thing, like a massive workload or the mother in law coming to visit, but really we feel stressed because fears of inadequacy are being triggered by the situation.

Left card: Let go of THIS to Feel Better

  • A belief or expectation you hold
  • A habit or behavior pattern
  • An attitude

What do you need to release in order to become peaceful again? What is holding you back from feeling better about this situation?

Right card: Action - Your Point of Power!

  • What you can DO to feel better
  • Action that needs to be taken
  • How you can take back your power

Often, strong negative emotions like sadness, fear, anxiety and anger are there to act as a catalyst for action - to get you moving and taking steps toward what is important to you.  This card will show you how to make the most of your situation and how to take inspired action in your life.

Here is a demonstration of me using this spread to give a reading to a good friend....

I hope you have fun with this spread and that it's a valuable tool for you. Feel free to use oracle cards or angel cards, if that feels better for you 🙂


life path tarot card spread
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12 thoughts on “Stressed? Sad? Anxious? I made a Tarot Spread for you!”

  1. I love this spread, I could have used it this morning when I pulled my 3 oracle cards! I’ve just gotten back into my oracle card practice again lately, and went a bit mad this week ordering some lovely new decks to go with my old favourites. I’m looking forward to learning tarot at some point in the not too distant future, and came across your site while googling for info. Great to have found you!!

  2. Hi Kate,
    Will definitely give this a try, thank you.

    Maybe the 3 of wands could also represent seeing the bigger picture as an observer, “witness ” to what is going on?
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Kate!

    What an absolutely genius tarot spread, I am so excited about this one – a fantastic addition to my “arsenal” as it were, and I am a huge fan of 3 card spreads, they are so perfectly adaptable to any number of situations. But I mean wow, wow, wow, you REALLY hit the nail on the head with this one!
    I was really inspired watching your video, and just for fun I thought I’d add some of my thoughts for what stood out to me: there is huge contrast between the star card and the other two. The star card is so dark, and there’s a real feeling of “seeking the light out the end of the tunnel”. The hopefulness that “it’ll all work out in the end” accompanies the hopelessness, that feeling of darkness (“where IS the god darn light at the end of that darn tunnel?”). This all contrasts with the other two cards, which are like a perfectly unfolding story, where both characters, uncannily, appear to be near a mountain top, looking out in the distance. The Knight is sitting down, just happily chilling out, and then he literally STANDS UP in the 3 of wands. I kind of see this as, like you say, stagnating, then needing to just get up and get some perspective. But the Knight of Pentacles and the 3 of Wands also have in common a need for patience, grounded in the knowledge that one is doing all that one can. The Knight is diligent, and he looks like he’s grounding himself, just trying to soak up the ground and SENSE what needs to be done next. In the 3 of Wands it’s as though his body just springs up, because he’s spotted his next move on the horizon, he knows where he needs to go next. Definitely the solution involves a bit of creative planning, and the realisation that hope comes when we do something, ANYTHING other than sit around waiting for life to happen. I see this also as a need for your friend to think about ways to market or advertise her service or products, because if you stand up, rather than sit down, others can see you! Sorry for rambling on and on, I just loved your spread and video so much I never wanted it to end! I could listen to you all day!

    1. Sunshine! Thanks so much for your lovely comment – I love how you weave these cards together and tell a story, especially the bit about standing up in the third card. Those are all fantastic points! So glad you liked this spread so much 🙂 Thank you for watching!

      1. Kate, I have got to tell you, when I first started out with tarot a couple of years ago I felt so overwhelmed and confused, and I found your website and purchased most of your e-courses, and they were so much fun! I learned SO much from you, those courses were worth every penny, because nowadays I’m a confident tarot reader, be it for myself or anyone else, and I really do feel that it was discovering your sense of fun with tarot that really unlocked it for me – so thank you for all that you do and being such a dynamic tarot voice for us! You ROCK!

        1. Oh Sunshine, THANK YOU!!!!! That is so wonderful to hear – I feel totally honored that my approach to Tarot has inspired you and that you are now a confident reader because of my courses. Your comment has totally made my day 🙂

  4. Hi Kate,
    It is crazy that I even ask this of you- would be able to 3 cards spread reading for me? I’m at my lowest lowest point in life and even thought of disappearing without a trace. That’s really unlike of me but I had this sudden panic attack and it was drowning me. I don’t know where to turn for help. You can always say no and thats okay. Briefly about myself – my career is always at the beginning stage and doesn’t seem to move anywhere, my husband is unemployed and I had miscarriage almost year ago and we keep moving. I’m on the verge of giving up!

    1. Nala, I am so sorry things are tough for you right now. My intention in creating this spread was so that others would try it out and find their own answers and solutions, as I find that this is more powerful than having someone else give advice. I no longer give tarot readings, but I do offer Tarot interpretations – so if you do this spread and still don’t find the answers your looking for and want a second set of eyes to look at it, I can do that. Here’s the link if your interested:

  5. I tried this spread right away (with my new Housewives Tarot that I bought after I saw your video with them^^) and I liked it a lot. Thank you very much!

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