The one question that will change your life

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International Woman of Leisure by day, whipcracking Tarot Reader by night! Veronica is my evil twin and she’s here to slap some sense into you. She wrote this reading with her peacock feather pen while sipping a spiked earl grey tea and then made me type it out on my laptop….that bitch…..

Animal Wisdom Tarot by Dawn Brunke

Whenever I’m in a bind I always ask myself WWMCD?

That stands for what would my cat do?

Cats do two things really well:

#1 They are pros at kicking back and relaxing

#2 They couldn’t care less about what you think about them – 0 fucks given.

These are two things you need more of in your life. Trust me.

Who would you be if you acted like a cat? If you could lounge for hours without feeling “guilty”? If everything you did was because it felt good.

Sure you might be a bit of a sociopath, but you’d also be able to let your intuition guide you for once.

And your intuition will probably say things like skip work today and read dirty novels in the bath” or fuck herbal tea, let’s go for some vodka and tomato juice”

And that’s okay. Just go with it. See where it takes you…

Just don’t get drunk in the bath…you could die….clutching literary porn.

7 thoughts on “The one question that will change your life”

  1. Thank you for pairing some good advice with the best laugh me and my best friend have shared all week 😀

  2. Hi there Miss V,

    I am new to Tarot but not new to spiritually. I see that a lot of Tarot Readere like to read reverse cards. I am not big on that, my reason is this when you look at a regular work of art you don’t look at it upside down to understand it or feel the intention of the artist expression. So it does not make any intuitive sense to place a card in spread upside down or side ways. I like reading them right side up. Can you give me better reason than what I just explained to do what I feel is wrong to do in a reading the otherwise?

    1. Wow, that is a great reason to not read reversed cards and I think I’m going to use it next time someone asks me why I don’t read reversals! Personally, I don’t read them because it makes a reading feel too confusing and convoluted, but really I hate seeing upside down images – it just sucks! So I think to say that it is aesthetically disturbing makes perfect sense.

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