Diversity…..and other overused words

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Diversity is the new buzz word on everybody’s lips these days.

As in “financial planners recommend investment diversification for economic growth” or “the new multiplex will foster community, diversity and culture”

Yeah, whatever.

Like engagement, self esteem, transparency and wellness before it, diversity won’t be a hot little number forever. So let’s dissect it while we can.

You can always identify what a society lacks by the words it overuses. People are the same.

Have you ever met someone who blabbered on and on about how open and transparent they were? “I’m basically an open book. What you see is what you get,” blah blah blah.

And then you find out they have a secret, sordid life of money laundering, cocaine parties and eating at McDonald’s.

So our mainstream society doesn’t give a shit about diversity, even though it never stops talking about it.

And I get it. It’s way more fun to talk about something than to actually practice it.

Just ask all those people who list yoga as a hobby but haven’t actually been to a class since 2009.

So tell me….what do you like to talk non-stop about but don’t actually do?

5 thoughts on “Diversity…..and other overused words”

  1. I am writing a book and each time I write I have to think and learn more about words and yes, companies, governments, shows, other writers some of them use the same words over and over. People themselves get into a habit so do I and sometimes I say the same word multiple times so just FYI Justice Scalia spent his life teaching the other Justices and attorneys he worked with about words he was so fixated on words that he wanted to make sure how each word was so important. I think a lot of companies and Governments could learn from that lesson even tho he would have not liked me lol

  2. I talk about getting organized…..when I do, it lasts about a week if I’m lucky. I’m such a bad Virgo lol.

    1. ha ha – I’m a Virgo too, but you wouldn’t know it. I am constantly battling clutter and mess. I used to be more organized when I was younger for some reason. I’ve become less virgo-ish over time.

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