Is this sexy?


veronica 2Veronica is my nefarious Tarot reading twin – she’s just like me except she drinks all day, loves offending people and honestly….she has way more fun! Let’s see what ridiculous advice she has for us today…

druidcraft tarot the star

Druidcraft Tarot

A few months ago I stopped shaving my armpits. Why? Because I think it’s sexy.

Although no one else does. Yet.

But just you wait – I think I’m onto something.

My point is this – The Star is all about relaxed sensuality, going with the forces of nature and just being all round chill.

My armpit hair wants to grow, so I let it. Go with the flow and don’t try to fight nature.

Our lame, predictable society tells us that we must constantly fight against nature in order to be sexy – like waxing all your body hair off, slathering nasty antiperspirant on your pits and ….well, come to think of it, most of this violence is against armpits.

Anyhow, not doing this stuff is a small act of rebellion and it feels divine! I’m not saying you should be hairy and smelly – maybe that’s not your thing, but just let go a little, don’t fight your body so much….

Even though we can’t really see it, I’m willing to be The Star has armpit hair…in fact, I’d bet my left pit stain on it!

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6 Responses to Is this sexy?

  1. Mel Roy says:

    I never shave mine but they are very sparse and I never wear tanks or sleeveless tops anyway (dislike my middle age arm fat) so I don’t think anyone notices. LOL I never shave my legs either but I never wear shorts. I feel dumb in shorts ever since about age 35 or so. Luckily my husband doesn’t give a rat’s patootie if I shave or not.

  2. Sue king says:

    Think Veronica may be on to something there…… But once you can plat them…It might be time to give them a short back and sides ????

  3. Steve says:

    Pure vanity ! who the fuck cares usual chickens following the lead of some fashion fad if we where not meant to have hair in the first place it wouldnt be there anyway !

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